Forgetting.. is it a good thing? Or a bad thing..?

I went to my dad’s house yesterday and he went on and on about stories from when I was a kid.

Some are not good. Some were funny and interesting.

About the not so good stories.. I actually thought “it’s way in the past.. shouldn’t we just forget about it?” Although I did tell him that, and instead I said “let’s think about today and the future.”

And as I was on my way home (due to traffic I was forced to entertain myself lol) this thought randomly came out of nowhere. Is forgetting good or bad?

Here are some of my thoughts about it. For old people, it’s kind of natural for them to forget things right? (maybe because of old age or illness). For some, they would forget involuntarily (I have no idea how this happens, but it just does..) Like forgetting to bring something when you’re on your way to school or work. Or probably forgetting that it is somebody’s birthday. And in some cases, others would want to forget super embarrassing moments in their life (these are examples y’know, doesn’t mean it happened to me.. or anything lol) Like tripping in the worst way possible (let’s say you tripped in front of your crush) or you started dancing in public just because you were wearing your earphones and on a loud volume at that (it just so happen that I love the song so….)

How about certain people trying to forget good memories? (there are a lot of these guy and gals) Yes, good memories. But why? Wouldn’t we want to treasure them instead?

But think about it, good memories can sometimes be the most painful ones, no? (unless you’re a masochist go ahead lol) So they tend to just hide and lock it away in the back of their minds. And when the time comes, when it’s not painful anymore, they would look back and remember those jolly good ‘ol times.

So my conclusion to this thought: Forgetting is good and bad in its own ways. There will always be a reason for you to forget. One way or another.


4 thoughts on “Forgetting.. is it a good thing? Or a bad thing..?

  1. Whether we like it or not we cannot forget an instance that give us something to remind of….

    Things that give us a touch in our hearts whether it is a good or bad memories….

    Even if we badly like to forget something we cannot….

    It will and will always be in our heart and mind and one way or another we would still remember it from time to time….


  2. Dindin says:

    I think people want to forget the good memories when they know it may never happen again, and it hurts them inside.

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