DIV: Golden Kinema Gekijou

It’s out!! DIV’s newest single: Golden Kinema Gekijou. You can watch the full PV here.

Surprisingly, DIV went from oshare-kei to visual-kei. Their last single TASTE OF LIFE was definitely oshare-kei (watch TASTE OF LIFE PV here)

And from being all happy and colorful to dark and heavy-ish look and sound, I’m amazed how DIV carried out the transition.

Golden Kinema Gekijou has three types:

Both type A and B are limited and has the two new songs. Type A will have a DVD of their PV and making of. While Type B will include a DVD of their 1st One Man Live Disc!! (watch the preview here). While the last one is just a regular single.

DIV’s members are: Chisa (vocals), Chobi (bass), Shogo (guitar), and Satoshi (drums). DIV is under Danger Crue Records.

Order your copy at CDJapan now! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

DIV: Golden Kinema Gekijou

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