Random Entry: Accomplishment unlocked! (lol)

PiercingSo today, I got my right ear pierced (´・ω・`)

It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would be, although it stings (until now).

Out of nowhere I blurted out that I want to get my ears pierced then suddenly my classmate asked if I wanted to come and get a piercing with her. Of course at first I had second thoughts. Then again, more experience for me (lol). I am young after all~ Fufu~

The sidewalk along Recto was notoriously famous for college students (even high school) who wants to get cheap piercings. It may be cheap but my classmate reassured me that it’s safe. They properly sanitize it with alcohol.

I was holding my classmate’s hand when it was my turn to get pierced. And I was panicking too. I saw the saleslady giggling in the corner (she must have thought I’m crazy lol). It only took a few seconds to get it pierced and lock the earring.

It still stings!! Although it’s just the first night. Let’s hope it stops stinging after a few more days.

PS, I was thinking of getting a tattoo.. what do you think? (lol)


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2 thoughts on “Random Entry: Accomplishment unlocked! (lol)

  1. You are very brave! Your ear looks cute ^_^ I afraid to make piercing, but I want… V_V
    About tatoo: I like black tattoo. Tattoo in color looks a little vulgarly, I think. My favorite tattoo type is hieroglyphic, of course ^___^ I would like a small one on the blade *_*

    • Thank you~! (⌒▽⌒)☆ It’s okay now, tho it’s hard for me to sleep because if the piercing touches the pillow it hurts (´;ω;`) Yeah~ I was thinking of getting DIV’s logo on my wrist~ But I’m thinking of doing it next year. For now I’ll get more piercings (*´・v・)

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