I’m a bit late on this and I feel lazy to do a synopsis so I’ll just post a bit of screenies for you guys~

[Brothers Conflict] Episode 4: Jealousy

The title says it all~! It makes my heart go “doki doki”~! 

This week’s episode was pretty nice. Although I want to see more~

Episode 4

(aww.. look at that.. someone’s jealous~)

Episode 4

(that’s so sweet of Natsume~)

Episode 4

(oh I can feel the bromance right thereee~)


Not did they only kissed once.. but TWICE. (kyaaaa~!!)

Episode 4

(I feel.. so jealous *sobs* Tsubaki~!!!!)

Episode 4

(Tsubaki looks cute when he’s jealous too~)

Episode 4

(they weren’t aware that someone was watching them fufu~)

[Free!] Episode 4: Captive Butterfly

Same as BroCon, the title is a giveaway~ Fufu~

Episode 4

(as much as Haru loves water, he loves swimsuits too~)

Episode 4

(oh god the bromance right there~!! )

I’ll just insert a short synopsis here.

Rin wants Haru to get fit. Because Rin’s victory wasn’t counted if Haru wasn’t in his best shape and he couldn’t move on (to the fact that he lost to Haru when they were in middle school even after he went to Australia).

Meanwhile Mako, Nagi and Haru did their best to teach Rei how to swim (they failed tho). In the end, Rei tried the “butterfly stroke” and succeeded learning how to swim~!


(ain’t this cute?! IT’S KAWAII OMG ASDFGHJKL)

That’s it for today (let’s hope I don’t get lazy next time~) Looking forward to the next episodes~!!


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