Lycaon: My new addiction~♥


Last night I was randomly checking some of Chobi’s (DIV) Twitter photos when I came across a photo of Chobi with Lycaon’s bassist, Hiyuu. I don’t know the other guy’s name but he’s from Velbet. I already knew about Lycaon from a friend, I love their song “薔薇~Rose~” (that’s the first song I heard from them). Lycaon’s members are: Yuuki(vo), Satoshi(gt), Hiyuu(ba), Rito(gt) and Ichirou(dr). I did look into Lycaon after hearing it and liked their music also their bassist. Apparently, their original bassist and drummer left Lycaon because of “musical differences”.


They’re pretty much insane (lol). I mean the music. Yuuki’s voice is amazing! It’s somewhat gentle, yet he can growl and scream too. Satoshi gets compared to Slash a lot (probably because of his hair and the hat.. oh and he uses those round sunglasses too). Rito, I can’t say much. He’s cute~ I guess (lol).  Rito’s definitely smexy. I mean look at that body! *drools*. As for their drummer hmm~ For the first time, I wasn’t that much thrilled with the drummer.  Usually I get excited over drummers (my examples would be Kai from the GazettE, Nao from Alice Nine and Satoshi from DIV).

HiyuuAnd here’s the person that kept me awake from 2am until 6am.  This smexy hot handsome perfect.. ugh.. person made my heart go *doki~ doki~♥* This is the second time I got attracted to a bassist (first would be Chobi). I saw that he had a Twitter account so I browsed some of his photos and this is what I found (actually there’s a lot more..) But I like this one~ I even made it into my phone’s wallpaper (I’m sorry Chobi *sniffs*). 

And so I went to YouTube and  checked if they had any cute comments or videos (just like DIV’s Dwangya backstage~). I did found one, you can watch it here.

I had no idea what it was, but Lycaon’s song was playing (forgive me, I don’t know which song it is. if any of you knows please comment it *begs*) and Hiyuu was there, like.. modeling? Well he was so attractive and just… ugh.. I can’t. My brain can’t process how perfect he is.

Anyway~ Long story short, music-wise, I love Lycaon (come on, with Yuuki’s voice? who wouldn’t love that). And I also love Hiyuu with all my heart. Ugh.

This is me just rambling and fangirling so forgive me if it takes your precious time.

PS, credits to Hiyuu’s Twitter for the photos.


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