SoniqRush.SoniqRush. is a Japanese rock band that I discovered while browsing my newsfeed on Facebook. I watched their PV, Screaming (watch it here). And wow.. just wow. “This is my kind of music!” was what I thought the first time I heard their song. The PV was posted June of 2013 so they must be new. You can check their official website if you want more information about them.

Their members are (from left to right): ReN(dr), Sare(ba), Shiko (vo), Kiro(gt) and  Merry(gt)

About their song, it’s sort of techno-ish (like DIV) with the synthesizer (is it synthesizer? lol) but there’s still the heavy rock that I love about these bands. And the screaming and growl! It’s fantastic. Although the band’s growler/screamer is their guitarist, Kiro (Shiko does screaming too.. I think). It’s just amazing, that kind of growl is what I look for in a rock band. The drumming + guitar riffs + the heavy bass + growl/scream = so much win.

The PV was nicely done as well, for an indie band it’s a pretty good work. The creativity is there. Also, Shiko’s mic reminds me of Angel-Taka’s (Uchusentai: NOIZ’s vocalist) mic. I remember when NOIZ performed here in my country for their one-man live, he brought his personal mic with all these shiny sparkling diamond studs (lol). I find it cute. Also reminds me of Ruki (the GazettE’s vocalist) just because it’s sparkly… (lol).

I’m hoping this band lasts long, I really love how they play their songs. Also, they’re dorks! I mean, cute dorks (lol). Check their making of Screaming (watch it hereand you’ll figure out why. Fufufu~


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