Hunter X Hunter: Episode 93 [first thoughts/recap]

I haven’t been updating much on my blog posts because I was too lazy sooo~.. yeah~ But I’ll do my best and post more (๑╹っ╹๑)

And so~! I’ve been watching Hunter X Hunter a lot and the latest episode made me go ROFL (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Since Chimera Arc is getting gruesome and dark.. this episode is pretty good, to balance everything out.

I’ll start with a backgrounder, as to what happened before this episode I’m about to discuss. So, Chairman Netero challenged Killua and Gon to fight two hunters (or was it assassins..?) to prove that they’re worthy to go back to NGL. They needed to get out of there after almost getting killed by Neferpitou, and Kite was taken by Pitou to be his “puppet”, kind of like a sparring partner just because no one can go against Pitou like Kite did during their battle. So he used his Nen to “fix” Kite and fight him again. And yes, Neferpitou is indeed a guy despite his image.

Morel and Knov, top hunters that accompanied Chariman Netero inside NGL, sent their disciples to fight against Killua and Gon with the same motive. To see if they’re worthy or strong enough to enter NGL. Knuckle is a softy.. which is why he helped Gon to improve a bit, although Gon lost to him. Knuckle’s nen made Gon unable to use nen for a month. As for Killua and Shoot, I think Killua gave up. And Bisuke made Killua promise that he’ll leave Gon’s side if he loses against Shoot.

Knuckle and Shoot went to NGL, Knuckle made a promise with Gon that he’ll get Kite back. After moping for a while, Gon recovered and wanted to train and become stronger so Kite won’t get disappointed. Killua swore that he’ll protect Gon for a month that he’s unable to use nen, and after that.. he’ll leave *sniffs*.

Inside NGL what happened was, the king was born and the queen died. But before she died, Colt (chimera ant soldier) did his best to keep her alive by announcing truce with Netero and getting help from him. And the queen gave birth to another hmm.. what do you call it? Another chimera ant I think. Colt swore to take care of that (I don’t know its gender yet lol).

The king invaded a city (was it a city..? I forgot) with Neferpitou and his two other servants and he found a “rare” human which is those humans that can use nen. The king then devoured that rare human.

Episode 93

Palm had a crush on Knov.. or did she only wanted to go to NGL with Netero and the rest (lol). She despises Knuckle and Shoot. Also, Gon made a promise to her that he will get Palm inside NGL by beating the two, if he doesn’t he will swallow a thousand needles.

Now off to episode 93~!

Since Gon lost, Palm made him go on a date with her

Episode 93

This is creepy.. but cute. Talk about lolicon (lol)

Episode 93

Gon agreed, which weirded out Killua (lol). He set up their date to be the next day after because he wants to train with Killua first.

And so, Killua asked Gon if he ever went to a date before which Gon unhesitatingly answered that he had before but mostly it was with Mito-san. That shocked Killua and asked again who else did he went on dates with.

Episode 93

Gon explained that boats with older ladies would come to Whale island and would only want younger guys so he would tour them around the island and the ladies would teach him “various” things. Which made Killua thought of Gon as a “grown up” *wink wink* Fufufu~

Episode 93

In exchange Gon asked Killua if he ever went to a date before and he defensively said no. He spent his life as an assassin and he was with Gon ever since he quit.

Episode 93

Which made him sad and thought like this *sniff*

Episode 93

Noooo! Don’t give in Killua *sobs*

Off to Gon and Palm’s date~!!

Killua said he will be at the gym all day but the truth is he followed Gon and Palm on their date because he wanted to protect Gon now that chimera ant soldiers were scattered in the city and Gon can’t use nen neither so it would be bad if they had an encounter with the soldiers.


Episode 93

Look at her!! She’s so kira kira and beautiful and ugh.

Episode 93

My reaction exactly Killua( ̄□ ̄;)

Episode 93

The two of them are lovey-dovey while Killua follows them. They went into a forest and Killua sensed a faint aura possibly from a chimera ant soldier. He hesitated to warn the two because Gon can’t use nen and Palm will flip out if he disturbs their date.

So Killua went by himself and there he encountered the soldier. I forgot his name.. but he’s that rabbit/bird soldier (lol).

Episode 93

The preview for the next episode said they’ll be having an adventure and Killua and Gon will go back to Whale Island (?) If so, I’m looking forward to that~!!

I thought of this episode as fun despite the fact that it will plunge into chaos and deaths soon after. Something to cheer us up before that happens I guess. What I’m really looking forward to is Feitan beating the crap out of that queen.

Anyway, let’s just wait and see for more. It will probably take a while for the juicy and exciting parts to come by (๑╹っ╹๑)

Hunter X Hunter


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