Alice Nine『9th Anniversary』

Alice Nine

Warning: This might be a tear-jerking blog post, well, at least for me it is. And it may sound cliche too.. but it’s how I really feel.

Alice Nine celebrates their 9th anniversary today, August 24th. And in this blog post, I want to express my love for this band. And everything that happened to me ever since I came to know about them.

My friends might know this story, but for those who don’t I’ll explain it to you guys.

I was really addicted to anime back in high school and thought the opening and ending songs of animes were pretty cool. So I looked for Japanese bands on Google and I randomly clicked on a link. It was Oricon chart, and Alice Nine was somewhere there. It was 8th of June 2 years ago, the release date for Blue Flame. And there was a preview for Blue Flames’ PV. I watched it and thought “oh.. bishounens do exist in real life?”, “wow, that drummer is cute.. oh! so is this blondie guitarist”. I immediately fell in love.. but because of the wrong reason I suppose. I fell in love with them because of their looks, at first.

So I did my research, watched their PVs and listened to their songs. I came to know about the basic stuffs about them, like their birthdays, information that Wikipedia can offer.

But, I lost my addiction to Alice Nine and came back to my addiction to anime and manga. They didn’t have much updates before (although they did released GEMINI that time) so I kind of slightly forgot about them.

Then one day I saw their new PV for Heart of Gold and I was like “SDFGJL;ASDNAJBSFBA WHAAAAAAAAAT?! IT’S THEM?! OHMYFREAKING SWEET JESUS SASDGHSAVKFLAMF GAAAAAAHHHHH” (yes.. I Seriously I came to love them even more and then and there I did my extensive research about them. Everything a fangirl should know probably (I can’t list them all down because it might take me forever ya’know). And then I learned to love and appreciate their music and the band itself, not just because they’re bishounens.

My attention for them became larger, to the extent that I would check my Twitter a lot to see their tweets. Back then tho Hiroto and Shou were pretty active in Twitter. Then I joined Tumblr (I did have Tumblr before this but I didn’t use it.. meh) and met new friends. I randomly messaged Tumblr accounts who seemed to have the same interests as me (music-wise that is) and there I met two of my foreign friends: Catalina, Laura and Inês. We would chat a lot, whether it’s about Alice Nine or other stuffs. It was pretty fun. Lately tho I haven’t heard news about them. But I know that they’re probably busy with other stuffs.

And I came to meet local friends, whom I now consider as family. One day I liked one of the Philippine fanpages for Alice Nine that is clubALICE PH (originally called Stargazers PH) and pretty much became active in the page. I was amazed that Alice Nine themselves actually noticed the group because of J-Melo (that’s a whole other story I might make a separate blog post for that~). One of the admins was kind to me and added me as a friend. His name is Migs. He showed me his “9” album which had Nao’s face in the CD and it blew me away. He then added me to some groups for different bands. And that’s where my love for JRock started. I fell in love with the GazettE too, but I won’t explain it here since this is all about Alice Nine after all~

Around that time, there was an event where a Japanese band will come to the Philippines and perform. I was so happy because I thought my country was practically invisible to Japan because we don’t get included in any worldtour lives that JRock bands would do. The event was a couple of months away, during that time I watched every single Alice Nine live DVDs and was happily singing and dancing along to it. I’m also guilty of downloading it.. and their albums.. (sorry.. and I know it’s unfair for those who really buy it).

Moving on~ I got the chance to meet the band Uchusentai:NOIZ a day before their performance. But before that I had troubles.. because I was practically a nerd and would prefer to be inside the house and become unsociable.. I didn’t knew how to get to the event area. I randomly asked people on Facebook and there I met Gummy! Whom I now call oka-chan. Because she’s my oka-chan~ Tehee~ We planned to meet in a place I was familiar with and she would take me to the event area. I’m that type of kid that would get kidnapped or killed because of this (lol) thankfully, oka-chan wasn’t that type of person. I’ll skip to the actual event because everything that happened was unrelated to Alice Nine.. basically about Uchusentai:NOIZ (lol).

So during those months before the event I gained internet friends, and we were happily fangirling over JRock. The event came, and I get to meet them personally. I was so happy because finally I could meet them in the flesh. I thought to myself “I’m not lonely anymore”.

And the rest went by so quickly. Alice Nine was my path to JRock, my path to meet my friends and those whom I consider as family. This may sound cliche and I have also mentioned this in one of my videos for the GazettE. But Alice Nine, just like tG, inspired me when I was in high school. They also helped me stand up when I was depressed. I was pretty much a loner and a weirdo.. loving anything Japanese was considered weird back then. But meeting these internet friends was the best things that ever happened to me. There’s this one thing that connects us together. And that’s Alice Nine (mostly JRock..).

The very first time I watched their Tokyo Galaxy live I literally cried a lot. Especially around the intro where they played Cradle to Alpha. I just couldn’t express how happy I was when they finally get to perform in Budokan.

Also! Through Alice 9 Channel I came to know what kind of personalities the members have. Every episode was a ton of fun and it’s like I’m not watching it alone, I’m watching it with every Number Six out there, wherever they might be.

There was this one time that Nico Nico showed the band’s Tokyo Galaxy live online and there was a chatbox on the side. So while watching the live, I was chatting with Number Sixs and it was like we were watching it all together. The feeling was so intense I cried a lot.

I’ve been a fan of Alice Nine for two years now, but in this fandom of theirs, years doesn’t matter. It’s your love for the band that counts. I’m glad to be in this fandom, where everybody is friendly and loving (as far as I know).

My love for this band is way too much, and I’ve set a goal for myself to meet them. Even if it takes years, or forever.. I still want to meet Alice Nine and thank them personally.

There are times that I imagined myself meeting them.. and I would cry (yes I’m a crybaby, I cry a lot okay? lol) my feelings for them is that much. Oh, I haven’t mentioned yet.. but Nao is my first love. Even though that guy is a complete scaredy-cat, he’s been reliable as the band’s leader-san. Because of him I had fetishes for drummers. Like how he smiles happily when he plays the drums, how he spins his drumsticks in the air while playing. And that contagious smile and laugh that he has. He is nerdy and weird, but that’s his charm, that’s what made me love him in the first place (oh crap I started crying writing this about him..).

Anyway! I’m happy and proud for Alice Nine for reaching their 9th year together without any troubles. My only wish for them is to be strong and keep making great music that inspires many. Not only for me, but even for those who doesn’t know about them yet. There’s this possibility that someone out there might discover this great band and their life will change like how mine was changed, two years ago.

This blog post is getting kind of long, and it’s incomplete. I have a lot more stories to tell, I’ll probably write it some other time.

By the way, don’t forget to check this link for details about the band’s live broadcast of their 9th Anniversary live and also for Alice 9 Channel.

Alice Nine 9th Anniversary

Alice Nine is my first love, whether it’s the old or new Alice Nine, they will be forever in my heart (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Alice Nine


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