Alice Nine Anniversary Live

This is a little late for me to post this~

On the day of their anniversary live, I overslept. The moment I woke up I remembered that they were going to stream their live. So I quickly got up and went online, sadly the live already started. And the internet wasn’t so kind to me either.. the audio and video kept getting cut off so I sulked in the corner stalking other Number Sixes tweeting while watching the live. And I waited screencaps on Facebook pages too.

A few days ago, download links for the live were available so I immediately downloaded it. I really wanted to watch it so badly. But still, internet being a complete bitch. It took half a day to finish downloading. I finally got to watch it. The quality wasn’t that good but it was fine with me as long as I can see and hear them perform.

Here’s the setlist:

1.- Shunkashuutou
2.- Velvet
4.- blue planet
5.- Affection
7.- Scarlet
8.- Haikara naru rinbukyoku
9.- Zankyou WHITEOUT
10.- Gekkou yoku
11.- Waterfall
12.- Heisei Juushichinen Shichigatsu Nanoka
13.- Mugen no Hana
14.- Daybreak
15.- Q.
18.- the Arc
19.- Hana
20.- Heart of Gold

They played my favorite songs. I remember back then I was so addicted to Blue Planet because I thought the PV was cute and happy and so.. “Alice Nine” (ugh.. I can’t explain it well). Shou’s pronounciation is getting better too. Back then Shou pronounced Blue Planet as “Buh Planet”.. (lol). Try listening to it, or watch their performance in Peace and Smile Company 2009 live. They played Gekkou Yoku too! They haven’t performed that one live (or at least recorded.. they may have played it in their tours but of course not recorded). Same with Zankyou WHITEOUT. I was not expecting that at all but they played it beautifully that I fell in love with it.

Mugen no Hana and Waterfall had high notes but Shou sang it beautifully too. Oh, and Dead School Screaming too, been a while since I’ve heard that. The intro for the Arc got me a bit confused because it started off like.. hmm.. how should I put it.. like Victorian-ish? I don’t know the term, but you’ll get what I mean if you watch it.

I was really surprised at Saga and Hiroto who got down from the stage and went straight ahead for the crowd.

Alice Nine

(here’s Hiroto standing on one of the audience’s seat)

One thing I noticed tho.. When Saga went down to the crowd, they were well behaved (lol). They actually hesitated to touch him. But when Hiroto went down, they got crazy (lol). I did see fans surrounding him and touching him. The first time he tried to get in the crowd he couldn’t because the fans got wild, so with his second attempt, he stood up in one of the audience’s seat.

I was really happy that they performed their old songs. More or less I could understand a bit of their MCs. Shou said that the fans loved ballad since 3 out of their top 5 most requested songs to be played were ballad.

I was also happy that the band members’ habits were still the same. Like how Hiroto and Tora bro fists during lives (I was watching Discotheque live before I watched this so~) and how Nao would spin his drumsticks casually during Rainbows. But Saga stopped licking his bass during haikara naru rinbukyoku’s bass solo (´・_・`) Well, it was his mom’s wish after all~ So it’s fine.

Nao’s drum solo was amazing as always~! ♥~(‘▽^人) During their MC before the second part of the live, Nao backed away, pointed at the mic and shouted that it was a little too high for him (lol). I could see him tip-toeing. And then they talked about Nao’s weight. He said that he’s 52 kilos, and by playing the drums he gained muscles. He was even flexing his muscles like so~


Kyaaaaa~!! ♥~(‘▽^人)

As always, Nao wore his weird looking glasses (but it’s cute hihi~). And they were talking about his little brother’s girlfriend? I couldn’t understand that part “oTL But it was something like “otouto no kanojou” (?). Tora was saying hello to his parents, they were watching him back home. He said that he was doing fine (Tora is a family type of guy~ fufu~). Saga didn’t talk that much, but he did play his keyboards as BGM when Shou and Hiroto talked. But when Nao talked, Saga stopped playing then continued when Nao was done talking (yes Saga is such a bully~ lol). Hiroto brought his camera to the stage and took photos of the crowd. From what I’ve understand, the three’s MC were taking too long that Shou and him started taking photos backstage (lol).

I was touched when Hiroto said “kazoku” (family). We’re all family, for those who were watching them live, and even those watching them through the computer 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 I was really happy.

What made me cry so much was when they played the beautiful name. last. I could see that the band was on the verge of tears. And when the crowd sang with Shou.. it was so beautiful I cried (´;ω;`)

Too bad I couldn’t watch it live together with fellow Number Sixes, but I’m happy that everyone enjoyed it. I wish for Alice Nine to be strong and reach many more years together~!! (⌒▽⌒)☆

Alice Nine


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