DIV:「ZERO ONE」new looks~!!



On October 23rd, DIV is about to release their very first full album「ZERO ONE」(I’ve already done a blog post about it, you can check it out here). And yesterday they revealed DIV’s new look for it!

The band members also changed their Twitter profile photos:


(Vo: Chisa)


(Ba: Chobi)


(Gt: Shogo)


(Dr: Satoshi)

Although they haven’t changed their blog’s headers to something new yet~ And this concludes my guess that they’re back to oshare-kei (or at least I thought of it like so), since they’re outfits are pretty colorful just like how Taste of Life was.

DIV Taste of Life

(Taste of Life)

They will also be doing their 2nd ONEMAN LIVE on November 3rd entitled after their first full album. You can check their Official Website for more details.

Credits to DIV’s Official Website for the photos.


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