Awesome day is awesome~!!

So this post is a bit personal~

On 8th of September I celebrated my 17th birthday (I feel old.. lolnope “oTL) Anyway~ It was a lot of fun! My birthday turned out pretty good (๑╹っ╹๑)

I stayed up until 3am (I’m pretty much nocturnal so don’t be surprised~ lol) and I did a little experiment on Facebook. I have this classmate who hides her birthday on Facebook (we also have the same birth month so yaaaay~), when I asked why, she said “I don’t want greetings because a Facebook app reminded them, I want a greeting because they remembered it was my birthday”. So I hid mine 2 hours before my birthday.

Then~ I was chatting with my foreign friend, Inês, the whole time and she remembers my birthday (I’m quite touched~ (*´・v・)) she even counted down before she greeted me (thank you Inês~!! lots of love hihi). Also I was chatting with my twin, Paulene, and we were fangirling over Asahina Fuuto and lots of other bishies. She was the second to greet me (yep that’s how I celebrated my birthday, fangirling spree lol). My classmate (which I mentioned above) and my onii-chan also greeted me thru text.


And then I saw this on Google.. I thought “is Google trying to celebrate my birthday?” lolnope

And so for my experiment, Inês was the first person to post on my wall. When I woke up, I saw a couple of greetings from my cousins and aunts. My dad also greeted me. I was already expecting that a few would remember my birthday, so I didn’t mind.

Ah! The day before my birthday, I got my early present from my mom. She took me out on a shopping spree~! I bought 6 new shirts and some makeup and nail polish (if you’ve been following me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll see the photos I posted).

Today she also bought me a new black matte eyeshadow, which I totally love, since I was desperately looking for one the other day.

We went out for dinner with my brother and his friend (who’s also close to me and my mom) but as always, he took too long preparing. They came in a wee bit late, me and my mom finished eating dinner so when they came we just ordered desserts. I ordered a chocolate milkshake beforehand too, delicious. Mom ordered a sundae which is like 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, fudge, topped off with some whipped cream and drizzled caramel. It tasted of heaven!ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ Then my brother ordered a cheesecake that tasted of heaven and angels as well.

When we were about to wander around the department store, coincidentally I bumped into my friends from Otaku Urule. Seriously I wasn’t expecting that. But I had to go because I was with my mom and bro, so I just said hello and asked why they were there and quickly went away. After buying some stuffs at the department store my mom asked if we wanted to have some coffee at Starbucks. It was my first time ordering coffee by the way.. (I know.. weird right?) I always ordered chocolate chip cream when we go to Starbucks. I’m not much of a coffee person after all. My mom and bro chatted and I asked if I could excuse myself because I wanted to see my friends from Urule.

I went back to my friends and hanged out for 30 minutes or so (they seriously didn’t knew it was my birthday until I told them lol). Then I met this guy who was so good at doing magic tricks. He has quick hands (I’m stubborn so I believe that he just had quick hands and not magical powers or whatnot lol). After that I went back to my mom and went home~ I was really tired but I had a fun birthday.


Around 12am I tweeted DIV’s Shogo, Chisa and Chobi then Lycaon’s Hiyuu. I told them it was my birthday and that I’d be really happy if they greeted me. I was just trying my luck because I see them greeting their fans telling them that it was their birthday.

And so….

Around 1am (2am in Japan) SHOGO GREETED ME. I was seriously trying to hold back myself because my mom was already sleeping and I’d wake up the neighbors but I WAS FLAILING QUIETLY. DO YOU KNOW HOW IT HURTS. I was turning and tossing around my bed trying not scream and just… ugh asdfghjkl;

Shogo's tweet

Here’s his tweet, he said “omedetouヽ(*´ェ`*)ノ”


When I was having dinner with my mom (thank you FRIDAY’s free wifi) HIYUU TWEETED ME. HE GREETED ME TOO. And I was flailing (not screaming.. I don’t want people to look at me.. lol) seriously I was like “ZOMG HE TWEETED ME HE GREETED ME HIYUU DID MY FEELS OMG THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER MY FEELS I CANNOT I’M SO HAPPY”.

This guy tweets once a day, or once in a blue moon so I was so happy that he greeted me ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Hiyuu's tweet

He said “omedetou~!” and RTed my tweet~

Tho Chisa and Chobi didn’t greet me, I was really really happy (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Oh and on J-Melo, the GazettE had a special comment for the Philippine fans. I was there with my friends when they shot J-Melo here (I was holding tG’s poster..). I didn’t get to see the whole show because my internet was really laggy. So if someone recorded it, please give me the link (´;ω;`) I’m begging you.

This is how I celebrate my birthday, online even when I’m outside. There’s my brother, who also can’t live without internet or his phone. You think we’re alike? Lol

And here’s me. I look so pale..? Lol. Still on Twitter because I was flailing that time. Hiyuu’s tweet~ Lalalala~

Credits to my mom for these photos (except the ones I screencaped)~ I love her and my bro so much and I want to thank them for spending my birthday with me.

Here’s me and my beautiful mom~ (。・ω・。)ノ♡

To be honest last year I didn’t do anything special. Just spent it online with Inês and slept the whole day. My mom brought home cake from the convenience store tho (she still worked until morning back then so she just bought one from the konbini~ I don’t mind.. it was actually delicious. It’s just that, she ate like more than a half of my cake lol).

Birthday girl yay~!

Yep~ Awesome day is indeed awesome~!


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