Manga Recommendation: Kanojou wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru

(シ_ _)シ waaaah~! I’m sorry that this post is four days delayed. I forgot that I was trying to keep a schedule. Originally I want to post these manga recommendations once a week, every Monday. But I was busy more like busy fangirling over JRock bands and watching Free and BroCon..

Anyway~! I’ll just continue with this~

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugeteru

This manga’s genre is drama, romance and shoujo. Obviously I really like shoujo mangas (but I’ll try and recommend non-shoujo mangas too~). Tho I prefer comedy most of the time, a little drama wouldn’t hurt OH WAIT IT HURTS A LOT BECAUSE OF THE FEELS.

Ogasawara Aki is the reclusive, idealistic composer of the popular band Crude Play. Discontented with his life and with no drive to succeed, he meets Riko, the 16-year-old grocer’s daughter in a band consisting of her childhood friends, and asks her to be his girlfriend on a whim. Riko, young and innocent, agrees immediately, but worries about her new boyfriend, whom she suspects has just broken up with a woman he cared very much for (this I copied from MangaFox’s description because.. I was lazy too explain lol).

But in all honesty I really liked the story since it’s not as cliché as any other manga. Plus I need a little drama in my life~ And a little rivalry is something to spice up the plot. Then it’s music-related too! I wanted to hear them sing so badly (*¬*)

I was hoping that this manga had an anime adaptation, sadly it doesn’t. Although it was turned into a live action series. Haven’t seen it yet, but I might in the near future (when I don’t get too lazy..). I’m curious as to how they ended the live action adaptation, since the manga is still on-going, It has a total of 36 chapters, read it on MangaFox~!

If you read it tell me your thoughts neee~? Let’s flail together ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ


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