Diabolik Lovers: First Impressions

Disclaimer: There will be a lot of swearing and overflowing feels in this post. You have been warned. You may now continue reading.

Two words: HOLY. SHIT.


Okay, okay.. in all honesty it’s a good one.

BUT SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HECK?! It’s on a whole new level than Brothers Conflict. And I thought that was the most batshit crazy reverse harem I’d ever see.

Let me introduce the characters first and a bit of a background to it.

Komori YuiKomori Yui (voiced by: Suegara Rie)

Sakamaki AyatoSakamaki Ayato (voiced by: Midorikawa Hikaru)

Other roles: Ootori Eiichi – Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000%

Sakamaki KanatoSakamaki Kanato (voiced by: Kaji Yuuki)

Other roles: Asahina Wataru – Brothers Conflict

Sakamaki RaitoSakamaki Raito (voiced by: Hirakawa Daisuke)

Other roles: Akari – Karneval/Ryugazaki Rei – Free!/Asahina Ukyo – Brothers Conflict

Sakamaki ShuuSakamaki Shuu (voiced by: Konishi Katsuyuki)

Other roles: Asahina Azusa – Brothers Conflict

Sakamaki ReijiSakamaki Reiji (voiced by: Toriumi Kousuke)

Sakamaki SubaruSakamaki Subaru (voiced by: Kondou Takashi)

This anime’s story centers around Komori Yui, a high school girl that experiences supernatural things ever since her childhood. During her second year in high school, her father who is a priest needed to move elsewhere due to his work. Yui then was forced to move into a new town and enroll in a night school for wealthy and famous people.

The house Yui now stays in is called “the haunted house” by everybody else. And she now lives with six brothers who aren’t actually human but━wait for itvampires Don’t worry, it’s not those sparkly ones (lol).

Diabolik Lovers was originally a visual novel then turned into an otome game. There’s a new game to be released on 24th of October called “Diabolik Lovers More Blood” and will feature 4 new characters.

Now my thoughts for this anime..


There’s some extreme reverse harem going on here.

I mean, who licks somebody’s skin the first time they meet?! (well apparently vampires so..) BUT YOU DON’T LICK HER CONTINUOUSLY COME ON GUYS, SERIOUSLY? It’s like your raping the girl have some self-control you guys.

This episode is such a cliff-hanger. It’s frustrating (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ My feels I don’t even know anymore okay too much feels going on aasdfgajdkhas

And so for the first episode, it’s pretty much a teaser. So for the producer-sans of this anime, props to you for making fangirls go “kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!” with all those good looking vampires but not telling us much about the story.

But since I looked at Wikipedia before watching this anime, I got the general idea of what’s going on.

And by the way, it’s 15 minutes per episode so uhhh, good luck with that being such a cliff-hanger. I bet I’ll be frustrated every week when they release new episodes.

I don’t know how to feel anymore. I think Diabolik Lovers broke me.. (lolnope).

Diabolik Lovers

yep.. bishies

So what do you guys think about the first episode? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Tell me why and let’s go flail together~!


16 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers: First Impressions

      • If you were worried about the licking seeming rapish you aren’t gonna like raito very much or at least I’m not sure if they’ll focus on him enough for him to do anything to her well for him to anything serious along those lines.Though even when he doesn’t he’s pretty sexual harassy so.

      • I get what you mean. I just finished reading the manga and I’ve gotta say, Raito’s one smexy vampire (lol). Do you think I’m weird for liking it? (´・ω・`)

  1. Kanato is creepy…
    Oh my god I can see Meto of Mejibray (a visual kei band) cosplaying as him though.*-*
    I love the others though xD
    Can’t wait till the new episodes. It’s on my def watch videos to fill the void when Dangan Ronpa ends.

    • Ah Meto! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Yeah I know him (lol yay a vkei fan!) Yeah totally. Now that I think about it.. when I was watching the first episode, when Kanato was talking all I could think of was Wataru.. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

  2. I really liked the first episode. I think I’m going to enjoy Diabolik Lovers because I’m all for sadism and machoism!! And I just have a strange feeling that all that crazy kink-kink is going to be involved. Poor Yui ;-;
    My favorites right now are Subaru and Reiji xD The fact that these episodes are going to be 15 mins is a bit disappointing, but that’s okay. I’m just happy it started when BroCon is on its last episode 😀

    • Hurray for BDSM (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I’m totally with you on that (lol). Yep, it started on the right timing. A new fangirling material for me after BroCon and Free! Hmm.. I think my favorites for now is Ayato, Raito and Shuu. But who knows it might change soon XD Heck, my favorites change throughout the 11 episodes of BroCon.

  3. Corrine Hoover says:

    I really loved all of the 12 episodes !! It was very enjoyable to watch because of the characters were very beautiful to watch. I didn’t really understand why they were all so sadistic until I researched their backgrounds, and it made me feel sad for them. All their mothers were emotionless bitches,very beautiful, but very heartless. ( No wonder they behaved the way they did!) I understand why they took such joy in killing their mothers! I really enjoyed watching how Yui reacted to the behavior of the brothers, she was so innocent. I knew in the beginning they were going to turn her into a vampire, but it was still fun to watch! This anime was totally worth watching. My favorite out of the brothers is Raito Sakamaki, because his background story was the saddest,It actually made me cry my eyes out! I wanted to give him a huge hug after that!!( I know I’m totally weird like that!!:) )

    • I have to agree. I started playing the otome game a few weeks ago (I have yet to finish tho). Such circumstances does make a person twisted sometimes. Haha. And yes, Raito’s background is indeed sad. He’s the one who I liked most. Him and Ayato.

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