Dubstep: is it some sort of trend?

I listened to girugamesh and Lycaon’s latest albums, that’s INCOMPLETE and Masochist Red Circus. And I noticed that both contains fair amounts of dubstep in it.


This album has 3 songs: INCOMPLETE, Limit Break and takt. There’s a PV for INCOMPLETE and the song obviously used a bit of dubstep that it’s noticeable. However in Limit Break they used none (or a tiny amount of dubstep/effects). I can definitely feel the weight or heaviness of the bass and guitar riffs, and the guitar solo was short yet awesome.

I love it when I can feel the weight of the bass drums. The part that I notice the most when I was listening to Limit Break was Niya’s guitar.

As for takt, it’s a bit of.. mellow (I don’t really know how to explain it). But it has about the same amount of dubstep as INCOMPLETE (or probably less). Also adding the piano part  was perfect, it sort of balances out the heaviness of the guitar and dubstep.

It may not be the same as the old girugamesh, but that’s how music works. It changes from time to time and it’s inevitable (at least that’s how I thought about it).

Masochist Red CircusMasochist Red Circus

The title of this album gives away the theme of it. This album has 10 new songs:  Masochist Red Circus, Kakusei, Psychedelic Jelly (which has a PV), OVER DOSE, Reibyoukou to Masochist, gossip, Kuro no Datura, TABOO, JI・RE・N・MA, and Amaoto no Rondo.

Masochist Red Circus and Reibyoukou to Masochist are 1 minute-long songs, kind of like an interlude. These two goes by the theme of the album, with the circus-like feeling to it. It’s like Yuuki’s welcoming me to a circus performance by Lycaon. While TABOO is more on hmm.. rock? It’s a bit heavy and a quick interlude, Yuuki does a countdown in this song and more like speaking than singing.

Kakusei, has a lot of dubstep in it. Although I really like how they added an acoustic guitar on the first part but following it with a dubstep.. not so pretty. But it’s fine, since the chorus doesn’t have much of a dubstep in it.

Next is Psychedelic Jelly, it has less dubstep in it (only at the middle part of the song actually~). I love how Yuuki screams at one part in the song (I’m not so sure how it’s called.. if it’s growling or screaming or something in between~). He used to scream back then (around RED RUM and Royal Order era) but he doesn’t do it that often anymore. If I remember right, he had a vocal surgery? I didn’t really researched that one, it’s something I read in the comments section on one of their videos on YouTube.

OVER DOSE has little dubsteps here and there, it mixes well with how pumped up the song is. The piano thing mixed with the jazzy bass, Satoshi’s guitar and Yuuki talking is gorgeous. Throughout the song Yuuki’s voice was sort of muffled tho, except when they did the jazz thing when Yuuki was talking.

gossip is a snazzy song. I like how it’s “guuuurl~” (lol I can’t explain it well *tableflip*) but it’s jumpy and something I can dance or jump around to. It has no dubstep whatsoever. And they really made use of piano pieces here and there. I mean not only in this song but most of the songs in this album. Plus, Satoshi does amazing guitar solos. I’m assuming Satoshi does the solo here.

Kuro no Datura… I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a song or an interlude but.. DAMN this really has the “Masochist” feeling in the Masochist Red Circus. I suggest you listen it for yourself so you can understand what I mean.

JI・RE・N・MA this song somehow reminds me of a drag queen performance.. like the ones from Burlesque (lol) oh and their song Aventure. It doesn’t have any dubstep at all~ Same with gossip and Kuro no Datura.

The last one, Amaoto no Rondo, would be the longest song in the album. It’s 5 minutes long and has the “circus”-ish feel to it. Kind of like Reibyoukou to Masochist. It’s a bit mellow, not really pumped up but I love how the guitar, bass and drums mixed well together with the circus-ish sound they inserted.

To sum it up, I liked the songs very much. But I just noticed how dubstep became  part of some JRock songs lately. Like in DIV’s Golden Kinema Gekijou single they had a dubstep mix of Love is Dead. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate dubstep. As long as it mixes well with the song and not destroy it I can listen to it.

What about you guys? Any thoughts about dubstep? Feel free to share~

bye byeeee~

PS. credits to whoever owns or created this gif~


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