First impressions on Danganronpa: The Animation

I have been watching this since it first aired back on the 4th of July. I never got the chance to do a review or my first impressions about it since I concentrated on Free! and Brothers Conflict that aired around the same time as Danganronpa. The series ended on September 26 with 13 episodes in total.

Danganronpa: The Animation (ダンガンロンパ: The Animation) is a 2013 television anime series based on Spike Chunsoft’s murder mystery video game, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The series follows a boy named Makoto Naegi who, along with fourteen other unique students, is imprisoned in the elite Hope’s Peak Academy by a psychotic remote-controlled bear named Monokuma, who gives them only one way for them to leave: murder another student and get away with it. (credits to Wikipedia)

I saw it somewhere on my newsfeed and saw Togami and Chihiro. I thought it was interesting, plus there were bishie characters so I thought I’d give it a go. I know what your thinking, yes I judge anime based on the characters. Of course the plot too is important as well as the art when I choose which anime to watch (pfft.. yeah right lol). But honestly, I do check these things before I watch a new anime.

And so~! The first episode.. “this is insane” I thought..

Uhh, who does that? Keeping students in a school and letting them kill each other. Then I remembered this is just fictional stuff and I’m getting carried away (lol).

The art was rather interesting, especially when Monukuma does the execution. Its art becomes game-like, since this anime is pretty much based on a game.

OP and ED songs were something else too. I don’t particularly like it but I don’t dislike it neither but it was something different from what I’m used to hear. Especially with BroCon and Free’s OP and ED songs at that time (pretty good songs if you ask me).

Then there’s the plot twist.. very interesting indeed.

Danganronpa: The Animation

Share me your thoughts down on the comments box. Love to read your responses.


3 thoughts on “First impressions on Danganronpa: The Animation

  1. Danganronpa’s quite an unusual case. Reminiscent of many other survival game-ish series but not exactly like them either. A very enjoyable watch for me, though admittedly quite rushed because of its short length. I’m curious if they’ll end up making a season 2 for the second game, that could be quite interesting. Much was still left unanswered from season 1.

  2. Citlalli says:

    I has watched parts of the anime but was disappointed by the art in the executions since it seemed way to rushed. I am really excited since they are coming out with a third game which I believe stars Naegi’s sister! I also hope that if they make a second season for the second game they don’t make it in a short time like they did in this season(if they do make that second season)

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