Manga Recommendation: Karneval & Karneval Anthology

This recommendation thing supposedly had a schedule but I didn’t feel like writing it on a Monday so~ I’ll just write this whenever.

So for today’s recommendation I’ll change things a bit. Usually I recommend romance and mostly shoujo. This time the genres are: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantas, Josei, Mystery, Sci-fi and Supernatural.

I’m talking about, Karneval~!

Karneval Vol.11 Cover

After a month the manga was updated again thanks to the contributors who were willing to scan the manga, edit and translate it. Really guys, thank you very much.

The story revolves around Nai who was searching for someone named Karoku, when he was saved by Gareki. This young and mysterious boy decided to help Nai in exchange of the bracelet he had. Later on they found out that the bracelet was a “Circus ID”. Believing that Karoku had some sort of connection with Circus, the country’s most powerful defense organization, they ran into them. And thus started the adventure.

Right now tho the story revolves around Yogi and Gareki. I won’t say any further because I don’t wanna spoil anything to those who haven’t read it yet. It has 66 chapters and 11 volumes in total and was written by Mikanagi Touya.

I find it an interesting read. I’m not much into non-shoujo manga but this is something I liked. I may love Hunter X Hunter but I really didn’t take time to read the manga. Speaking of anime, Karneval aired its television series around April and it ended with 13 episodes.

Also, I read something interesting when I finished reading chapter 66 of Karneval which was just uploaded today.

Karneval Anthology

I saw a thread for it and thought if it was something new. It was uploaded yesterday on Mangafox. It only had one chapter, and there was no written plot on the info. The writer for this was Akanatsu, Akutagawa Kazuma, different from Karneval itself. When I read it, I noticed that it had a different art and thought maybe it was a doujinshi.

Nevertheless, it was amusing and it made my gloomy day. There’s no plot, I think it’s just some random everyday kind of theme for Karneval. The manga shows what the gang up in the second ship do when they’re not fighting or busy with whatever their supposed to be busy with. It’s quite funny so I recommend you read it too if ever you do read or have read Karneval.

Read it on Mangafox~! Karneval | Karneval Anthology

And if you do read it, share me your thoughts about it~! I’d love to read your comments.

Here, have a devious yet smexy looking Hirato ヾ(*´ー`)ノ

PS. Credits to whoever owns or created this gif~


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