This is a meme I saw somewhere on my newsfeed sooo…

Anyway~! I’ve been having a “feel”-trip since last night. I watched Gokusen from the 1st season up until the 3rd season, also the movie. Lots of feels right there. I remembered I cried a river when I first watched this series. Got a good laugh too~ I sure loved it.

And while watching the 2nd season, I was adoring Teppei. As I’ve mentioned on one of my tweets, he reminded me of Nagisa from Free. I mean they’re both cute and bubbly right?

And as I was reminiscing.. I remembered that I was a huge fan of Koike Teppei before I started listening to JRock bands. I was addicted to him and Wentz Eiji. Their band (or is it group..?) WaT was awesome, I listened to their songs and watched their PVs. I remember having it all on my phone, I’d daydream in class and watch their PV. My favorite PV and song from Teppei would be Kimi Dake. From Eiji would be Awaking Emotion 8-5. I had 500+ photos of Teppei saved on my phone before (yes, I was that addicted to him).

Just now I was searching on YouTube for their old videos that I used to watch, and then this appeared

Lots of feels right there, seriously.. I was bawling my eyes out when I was watching it.

exactly how I felt..

WaT had a one-shot in Bokura ga Ita called Bokura no Ibasho (A place for us). It was a story about how Teppei moved to Tokyo to follow his dreams of being a musician, then he met Eiji. It explained how they reached their dreams.

Obviously Bokura no Ibasho was the first song they ever made and I see Teppei near tears when the two of them sang it in their first ever live in front of many of their fans. The fans were also moved and some of them were crying and singing with the boys.

The song really is moving, that’s why I was bawling my eyes out. The lyrics is very beautiful.

Please look at me, talk to me
Please put down that great burden
We have a vast blue sky ahead of us right?
Can you see anything from where you are?
Have you gotten what they are feeling?
Let’s talk about of what will happen tomorrow
In a future
Let’s talk about our dreams
I feel they are real
We are always waiting here
Please show us your face
Why is it so hard to express it with words?
We are always here singing for you
Both of us are on the street corner
Please share your concerns that now you transmit in your songs
Let’s go it’ll be fun
Only with this song we can all be together as one
Anything that we expect in the future
You and I will be in the same place
You are not alone, whenever you feel sad
We’ll make you smile with our song
We are always waiting here
Please show us your face
Why is it so hard to express it with words?
We are always here singing for you
This is the kind of music I love. Even if it’s in Japanese and I can barely understand it doesn’t mean it’s nonsense.
Again, this is something random and I thought about today.

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