Cosmania ’13 Day 1 | Japanese restaurant~!

Hoho~ This is the second event I attended last year when I joined the community (after Best of Anime), and it’s fun reminiscing sometimes so yeah~

I had classes from 9am to 12pm (which by the way, I was an hour late… you know, woke up late because I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars until it was 4 in the morning.. so I had like, 4 hours of sleep..) then my classmate accompanied me to MoA since he was going to buy something there anyway, then we went our separate ways.

I had to wait for my twin Paulene at Starbucks, then got a bit bored so I checked some books at National Bookstore, just a store away from Starbucks. I was so tempted to buy Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (yes, I’m becoming a bookworm and I started collecting Harry Potter books with the 15th anniversary new book covers) also I had my eyes on John Green’s books, namely; An Abundance of Katherines and Looking for Alaska. Oh and that eleanor & park book too, seems like an interesting read.

But alas~! I cannot buy new books because I just bought Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets last week, plus I’m kinda saving up for DIV’s ZERO ONE this 23rd (I’m trying my hardest not to spend much! because I want that album so badly!).

Anyway~ Moving on, I met up with my twin then I had lunch at the foodcourt (she on the other hand, did not want to eat) and we saw this cute Nai (from Karneval) cosplayer~! And of course, flailing about the GazettE’s spot for Beautiful Deformity. Couldn’t stop talking about that BDSM thing going on, and about the Diabolik Lovers’ Drama CDs (yes, it’s been raining BDSM for me for quite some time now).

After lunch, we headed towards SMX where the event was taking place. Lots of cosplayers were outside the halls (by chance we saw a Gareki cosplayer passing by too, what luck?!) and there was this hall where you can lounge without buying a ticket.

So we were looking for a spot where we can comfortably sit down and watch Diabolik Lover’s 3rd episode together (me and her had this ritual that we must both watch animes even if we’re far away from each other.. I mean the ones with bishies in it lol) when I spotted a Makoto (from Free!) cosplayer, I immediately told her and of course, flailed. We sat down somewhere near Makoto the cosplayer.

I was trying to connect to the WiFi but I needed this some sort of password to connect. So instead, me and my twin watched DL episode 3 from her phone (lucky she has unlimited network access).

As we started watching, obviously flailing and fangirling from the OP song, my otou-sama approached us and sat down. We talked a bit and then as she was doing her makeup, me and my twin continued watching (my otou-sama watched as we flail and said “I’d love to film those reactions of yours”).

We’re kind of unsatisfied from that 15-minutes-long episode and I suggested that we watch Free’s last episode (even tho it hurts *sniffs*). More flailing, abs and crying and more abs and then swimming but still more abs were seen.

After re-watching some scenes in Free’s first episode, my twin bid goodbye. We had to take a photo together first tho, before she stood up and left.

Me and my twinsy~(me and my twinsy~!)

After she left, me and otou-sama wandered around looking for people that we might know (bumped into one, Mick~!) then looking and rating some cosplayers. She bought this mini figure from One Piece (I am so sorry I’m not familiar with it).

One Piece figurine~(One Piece thingy~)

So as we wandered around some more, funny that we saw a Dante cosplayer (from Sket Dance!). It reminded me of Gackt-sama since he was the voice actor for Dante (bet you didn’t knew that! lol). It was a fairly good enough cosplay~ (wish he’d lean back a bit more and be dramatic like Dante lol).

Dante cosplayer(Dante cosplayer-san~)

I saw some familiar faces, from cosplayers to con-goers and photographers. Speaking of photographers, two of them asked me if it was okay to shoot me (not literally shoot me using a gun, I meant take my photo lol harhar).

Me from Cosmania, shot by sir Eric DC(credits to sir Eric DC~)

That photo was a quick shot by sir Eric when he passed by me (we were waiting for oka-chan that time so~).

Also! While waiting for oka-chan outside the lounge area, otou-sama saw a Makoto and Haruka cosplayer and I asked her to get my picture taken with them (I am so sorry twin, if you’re reading this but ugggghhh I had to).

Haruka and Makoto cosplayers~!!!(kyaaa~!! Haru and Mako cosplayers~!!)

They were wearing the ED version of Free and asdfghjkl; that Haru *hyperventilating*. And as you can see from the photo, I decided to be a bit visual-kei-ish yesterday. I forgot to take any selcas before leaving the house because as I’ve said, I was an hour late already.

But yeah, wore my cross-print pants, sleeveless lightning top and my gray platform shoes (don’t judge me, I love wearing platform shoes even if it hurts me after a while..) also some accessories here and there. I got to use my new blending brush, and it worked like magic~ Gahd I so love playing around with eyeshadows (although mostly black eyeshadows…).

AND SOOOO~! –here comes the fun part– After the event we went to a Japanese restaurant, together with my oka-chan, otou-sama, Truckie-nee and Ghel-chan.

It’s near Robinson’s Place Manila, and it may not look like much of a Japanese resto on the outside, but when you enter it’s kind of like a portal to Narnia (I’m just kidding, but it was my first time entering a legit Japanese resto so you can’t blame me if this is how I saw it).

Misuzu!(*doki doki~* I was excited okay~ lol)

Misuzu is the name of the resto. There were separate tables and a long table with chairs (kind of like the ones you see in a ramen house.. or any Japanese resto I suppose?).


And then there was this separate room (well not so separate) which can seat about 8 people. The place had wifi and authentic manga (which was in Japanese by the way). I never got to see it but there was a 2nd floor too.

We ordered (well they did, while I snoozed off a bit because I was so damn tired) a sushi platter, a bowl of ramen, and okonomiyaki. Which was enough to feed 6 of us. Plus the iced tea was amazing, oh and we had sake too.

My first time drinking sake, I didn’t like it as much.. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just not used to it. I shall try again! For the sake of sake! (lol)

Ramen~!(delicious rameeen, also the bowl was full when they served it, it just so happened I already started eating so… gomene lol took me long before I could take a photo)

Okonomiyaki~!!(okonomiyaki~! oishi~! this one wasn’t touched yet before I took a photo)

I forgot to take photos of the liquor rack they had, full of Japanese liquors. Also the sushi platter.. just because we were hungry (lol). And now I understand how Kai (from the GazettE) feels, because that Kewpie mayonnaise from the okonomiyaki was the best thing I ever tasted in my whole life (kind of exaggerating here a bit but you get my point).

Then we watched some JRock videos, fangirled and talked a lot. It was really a blast. Still deciding whether I should go later to Cosmania day 2 or not.. it’s almost 1am (currently while writing this).


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