Semi-hiatus: Finally over?!

I have completely neglected writing on my blog because of reasons I cannot tell.

Mostly because of my recent addiction to Kuroko no Basket and drama CDs.

Then again, I shall start writing soon enough. Tons of new albums/singles and new anime (until now I haven’t updated here what I’ve been watching.. although mostly I watch KnB because.. feels okay).

Also, I fell into the seiyuu (voice actor) fandom hole because of a certain person (that’s you twin, if you’re reading this) not that I regret it or anything~ Hoho~ Although sometimes when I listen to drama CDs…. it’s unspeakable.. I shall save that for another blog post.

Christmas is coming and I have a few ideas for blog posts with a holiday theme~ Maybe nailarts~?

Okay, I can’t promise all of this (since I’m soooo lazy) but I’ll try.

Here, have a totally smexy-gum-popping Hara Kazuya~ Mehehe

Currently waiting for KnB’s latest episode (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

(PS, photos and gifs aren’t mine. Credits goes to whoever own/made them. Thank youuu~)


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