30 Day Challenge: Kuroko no Basket [Day 2]

Seriously, I’ll keep going until I finish this challenge.


Day 02. Do you read the manga or watch the anime? Or both?

I watched the anime first. After a while, I was getting impatient because Akashi hasn’t appeared in the anime yet. So I read the manga. But I stopped around Seirin’s first match against Shutoku. It was either I got lazy or the art was too shounen for me. But I shall attempt to read again (this is for Akashi!!)

300(Akashi’s appearance!! Finally~)


Credits to the rightful owner of this edited image.

Kuroko no Basket 30 Day Challenge can be found here.


One thought on “30 Day Challenge: Kuroko no Basket [Day 2]

  1. One of these days I want to give the manga a try, particularly if there aren’t anymore seasons after the second one. As of right now though, I have the anime to worry about so I won’t read it for some time. If it turns out there’s a third season I’ll probably delay the manga further.

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