30 Day Challenge: Kuroko no Basket [Day 3]

Day 03. Which is/are your favourite match(es)? [Including the manga]

I haven’t read the whole manga yet so I’ll base my answers on the anime instead.

My favorite match would be Seirin vs Kaijou and Kaijou vs Too from season 1. Because I love Kise Ryota! It’s just.. ugh. Awesome. Plus Imayoshi~

Alright, I’m not doing a great job at explaining this.. “oTL


From season 2, my favorite so far is Seirin vs Kirisaki Dai Ichi. Although Kirisaki is pretty much a dirty player, I love it because of Hanamiya, Koujirou and Hara.

385(Kirisaki Dai Ichi!)


Credits to the rightful owner of these photos.

Kuroko no Basket 30 Day Challenge can be found here.


One thought on “30 Day Challenge: Kuroko no Basket [Day 3]

  1. My favorite match was easily Kaijo vs Touou in season 1, it was really exciting seeing Kise and Aomine going against each other and it was a really close match. Right below it I’d probably put the first Seirin vs Shutoku match as that’s when I really started to realize how much I enjoyed the series, the end of that match in particular was fantastic. And Kise is pretty awesome, he’s my favorite of the series with Aomine right after him.

    Season 2 hasn’t been quite as enjoyable for me as the matches from those two. Seirin vs Kirisaki was interesting since it showed Teppei being greater than ever and it was really satisfying seeing Seirin win out. With the new episode though, I’m definitely thinking Seirin vs Touou round 2 is gonna be my favorite of S2. Whether or not that’ll surpass my favorites of S1, well, I’ll just have to see I guess, but I have high hopes since I’ve waited a long time for this rematch.

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