30 Day Challenge: Kuroko no Basket [Day 10 & 11]

So.. the weather here is so freakin’ cold that I’ve been incredibly unproductive for the past few days. I’m already lazy, but this weather is making me lazier.

Anyway~ I shall proceed and answer Day 10 and Day 11


Day 10. What do you wish to see in future chapters of Kurobas?


Nah I’m just kidding. Or am I? Hmm. More awesome guys maybe.


Day 11. Which part of Kurobas will you change if you have the ability to?

Less girls.

*brings out scissors* I don’t like it when Momoi gets too clingy with my bbys *snip snip*

Ah but Riko and Alex is fine~ I like them.

Generation of Miracles


Credits to the rightful owner of this photo.

Kuroko no Basket 30 Day Challenge can be found here.


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