30 Day Challenge: Kuroko no Basket [Day 12-15]

And so.. the laziness is kicking in “oTL

3 days late *shrugs* Oh well~


Day 12. Did you like basketball or sports genre anime before Kurobas?

Yes. I used to watch Slam Dunk with my bro when we were kids.


Day 13. What do you like/dislike about Kurobas fandom?

Hmmn. I don’t have any complaints so far~


Day 14. How do you show your love to Kurobas? (Graphics? Drawings? Fanfictions? Etc.)

I write fanfictions of it. But never post them online. I doubt anyone would want to read it anyway~

Also I do RPs~! Fufu.


Day 15. What would you like to say to the mangaka, Fujimaki Tadatoshi, if you get to meet him?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating Kuroko no Basket that is now ruining my life because ugh I can’t even.


Credits to the rightful owner of this photo.

Kuroko no Basket 30 Day Challenge can be found here.


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