30 Day Challenge: Kuroko no Basket [Day 16 & 17]

Oh I like this one fufu~


Day 16. Who is/are your favourite male character(s)?

Oh wow I don’t know where to start~ Hmm. I’ll just start by teams~


Kuroko Tetsuya

Because he’s just plain adorable. Kind of like an airhead. Tehee~ And he’s the main character! Of course I’d love this guy~ And his determination is what I admire most. Ono Kensho is just cute and adorable and ugh I just wanna squeeze him, even though he’s taller and older than me.. heh.

I started to like Koganei Shinji too because his seiyuu is WAY TOO ADORABLE. And that would be Eguchi Takuya. Seriously that guy makes me want to pinch his cheeks.


Kise Ryota

MY LOVE FOR THIS GUY IS JUST TOO MUCH. He’s just too deredere and adorkable, not to mention he’s a do-M.. His seiyuu is twice as adorkable. Kimura Ryohei. I can’t take my mind off his adorable dimple and smile. And Kise is a model, who doesn’t want a model/basketball player? Because I sure want him..


Miyaji Kiyoshi

I don’t know much about him, nor about his seiyuu. But I like him just because..~ Oh. I like Takao Kazunari and Midorima Shintarou too. Because of their seiyuus. That being Suzuki Tatsuhisa and Ono Daisuke respectively.

Midorima Shintarou & Kazunari Takao


Imayoshi Shoichi

See, I have a thing for bad guys. And this is one of them. Imayoshi is freakin’ scary, but that’s what’s great about it.. he’s one hell of a do-S..


Murasakibara Atsushi

Suzumura Kenichi! Also the seiyuu for Tsubaki Asahina from BroCon (just sayin’~). I like him because he’s an airhead. But when it comes to basketball he’s dead serious. Even if he doesn’t admit it~

Himuro Tatsuya, his seiyuu is Taniyama Kishou. He has that mysterious effect on me. Very interesting.

Kirisaki Dai Ichi:

Hanamiya Makoto

Like I’ve mentioned, I have a thing for bad boys. Hanamiya fits the bill. He’s one heck of a bad boy. I mean, he has the title “the Bad Boy”!

Hara Kazuya

I’m a little bit sad that Hara didn’t have much time in the anime. He is just a side character so.. *shrugs* But even so! I think about him and imagine what kind of character he is. His character profile says he’s a prankster *smirks* I’m assuming he’s a do-S.. and I think chewing gum makes him smexy.. is it just me?

Koujirou Furuhashi too~! Just because.. his eyes.. dead-fish (lol).


Akashi Seijurou

He’s a do-S in my opinion. That will never change. He’s weird. I like weird. And I’m afraid of him, which makes me love him more. AND IT’S KAMIYA HIROSHI SO it’s mandatory to like him (lol).

Hayama Kotarou and Mibuchi Reo too. Because Hayama is blonde.. and cute.. and Reo’s just plain smexy. Maybe like an okama-san?

Chihiro Mayuzumi because he’s like Kuroko. Well according to Akashi, that is. I haven’t actually seen him play yet because I don’t read the manga *shrugs*


001Haizaki Shougo

I like him better when he was in Teikou. Plus, he reminds me of Kurosaki Ranmaru from UtaPri~

Welp. That’s pretty much it. I’ve listed everyone that I adore~!


Day 17. Who is/are your least favourite male character(s)?

None really..


Credits to the rightful owner of these photos.

Kuroko no Basket 30 Day Challenge can be found here.


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