Free! Season 2: Finally happening~!!

I don’t even know what’s happening but all I know is that there was a live seiyuu event today and THEY FINALLY LET US KNOW THAT THERE WILL BE A FUCKING SEASON 2 HELL YEAH *spazzing*

*breathing heavily* I HAVE TOO MANY FEELS TONIGHT. As you can see, I cannot conceal my excitement and feels. Forgive me “oTL

This is me right now

I can’t stop thinking about it because Zaki and Tattsun and Hirarin and Mamo-chan.. asvdjabsBJDFBSBDKNknjbadsf csa

I just hope Oldcodex does the OP again!! Kyaaaa~ And I wish they release a live DVD just like Kurobas Cup *rolls around*

Ahhhhhhh~ Too much feels. I’ll just.. Lie down.. and.. die..


Credits to the rightful owner of the photo and gifs.


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