Music Update: Uchusentai:NOIZ

Honestly, I was away from the fandom for a while (*cough*Kuroko no Basket*cough*). And so, I am psyched that Uchusentai:NOIZ is coming back to Manila for Best of Anime: Summer LIVE! this May 1st at Metrowalk Convention Center, Metrowalk Plaza, Pasig City. For more info about this, please visit Best of Anime’s Facebook page.

But before their long-awaited comeback, they did yet again another OPM cover song. This time it’s Liwanag sa Dilim originally sung by Rivermaya.

It was posted yesterday but it’s nearing 19,000 views already. And their first ever OPM cover, Narda, from a year ago is near 993,000 views!

I had difficulty understanding the first part of the song but when Angel-Taka sang the chorus, he sang it beautifully. I was in awe when I listened to it and a smile was plastered on my face. The riffs were awesome, the rhythm was amazing. I just can’t ugh lots of feels here.

NOIZ’s last performance here was last Bazooka Rocks II I believe. And I had the chance to attend Angel-Taka’s meet and greet last 20th of December (such a long time ago!)

051Also, they got featured in TV Patrol, a national news program! Watch it here! Isn’t it great? Japanese Rock finally spreading~ I have my own worries about it, but I’m genuinely happy that NOIZ is finally getting more recognition (*´・v・)

I’m guessing that they shot the scenes from the new PV from when Angel-Taka visited the Philippines after typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit the country. This band really cares for the Philippines which causes a little twinge in my heart.

So, will I be seeing you at May 1st? (๑>ᴗ<๑) Because I’ll definitely be there~


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