Because lady luck seems to hate me..

Today has been an incredibly sucky day, and I can’t help but laugh anyway.

Not getting your paycheck, well, sucks. But hey, I have me some Psycho-Pass to watch when I get home (yes, I am now only watching it.. NO SPOILERS PLEASE).

So, I headed home early today because I know how rush hour can be such a bitch. But it was still traffic along España and it was freakin’ humid. I could feel my makeup melting and it’s an icky feeling, by the way.

Now for the fun part.

I’m gonna call them Manong and Kuya since they’re both a somewhat elderly and an adult guy.

Suddenly, Manong started shouting at Kuya. I first thought someone’s something got snatched. Because snatchers are everywhere during this time of year (huzzah for the yuletide season).

I heard Manong saying, Ba’t ka ba galaw ng galaw? Ayaw mo magpa-upo? Eh di bumaba ka. Ba’t ka sasakay ng jeep kung ayaw mo sa masikip.” And he was shoving him.

000This is how we were seated, I was near the entrance of the jeepney. So when Manong was shoving Kuya, I and the person sitting next to me were getting shoved as well.

And Kuya was just answering, “Malamang tao ako, gagalaw ako.” Lol. Such a troll. But actually, I understand Kuya.

Imagine sitting in a cramped jeepney, which seats aren’t even that soft, for hours. And you can’t even stretch your legs. It’s bound to give you butt and leg cramps, of course you’d squirm because you’re uncomfortable.

Now, I sort of understand Manong‘s sentiments as well. If I was having a bad day (like he was probably having today) and an annoying guy sitting beside me keeps squirming, I’d get irritated but not to the point of shouting and shoving the guy.

Just as this cheesy line goes (which I made up, by the way):

“Ang love, parang jeepney lang yan eh. Ba’t mo pa pag sisiksikan sarili mo sa masikip na jeepney eh kung masasaktan ka lang, at may susunod namang maluwag at tatanggapin ka.”


Anyway, so all was well. After a few mumbling here and there, suddenly..




Okay, this representation is not so good. But this itty-bitty spider was crawling up my thigh (thank heavens I decided to wear jeans instead of shorts). And as I was shoo-ing it away, it jumped to my arm and I was flailing my arm with poise (lol for that). Not so much movement when you’re inside a cramped jeepney.

On the outside I was like:



But inside I was a mix of:




And it disappeared.. I have no idea where it went though.. Probably living inside my bag now.

I wasn’t really that scared, the spider was a small, somewhat fuzzy one. The ones kids used to catch and put inside a matchbox.

But yeah, funny how lady luck seems to hate me. If you had fun reading this, my misfortunes, give it a like~!

Comment down below and share me your thoughts, how about sharing some of your not-so-lucky but funny experiences too?


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