Product Review: Nichido True Colors Liquid Foundation (True Natural)

Hello my lovelies~

It’s been weeks since I last posted that beauty-related product review, and now I’m back for another one. I’m sincerely hoping I could do more of these, since I’ve been doing a lot of studying and researching about skincare, makeup and whatnot.

Nichido True Colors with Sunscreen in True Natural (packaging) I picked up myself a liquid foundation from Nichido. This is my very first because to be honest, I don’t bother with using foundation. I only use this two-way cake foundation from Nichido, and I use it dry because I despise heavy makeup.

And recently I came to a conclusion that I really should try out using foundations, concealers and other fancy makeupy things. Although I don’t have my own concealer yet.

For P268 (roughly around $6) you get a 30ml bottle with a pump dispenser.

Nichido True Colors with Sunscreen in True Natural

So apparently, this liquid foundation should give me full coverage and has sunscreen. It’s very light on my skin, which I’m surprised. I used to apply BB Cream on my face, and those are so sticky and greasy and I hate it. This one is water based, and the texture of it is liquidy and not creamy. And it has sunscreen.

This doesn’t sit well with the dry skin on my nose and between my brows, I have horrible dry skin and I have to properly moisturize it with Nivea Cream before applying my foundation.

Despite being told that this should be a full coverage foundation, it didn’t cover my imperfections properly. Although it did blur out the redness of my face, it did not make it disappear. In my case, the only thing that could get rid of the red patches on my face is a color correcting concealer.

It tends to look cakey so be sure to blend it out well. Then set it with powder to give it a matte finish. I think this is a light to medium coverage, and it won’t really last the whole day.

It works great with Nichido’s Final Powder. I don’t know how I would rate this product, because I haven’t used any other liquid foundation aside from this one.

If you like, check out this video I made using Nichido’s True Colors Liquid Foundation in True Natural.


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