Product Review: L.A. COLORS Eyeshadow

Yahoo ChibiNyan-tachi~!

Mom got me this pretty little thing, an eyeshadow palette from L.A. COLORS. This palette is called “Blushing Nudes” which explains all the neutral colors.

 So, it’s 12 eyeshadows in total.  6 are matte, and 6 are satin. They are grouped by 3s.

The first 3 are all satin, a black with some silver flecks of glitter. A gunmetal gray and a white shimmery eyeshadow. The black one sort of disappointed me, because the flecks of glitter didn’t get picked up by my eyeshadow brushes. I tried to use my finger, only a few did stick. But it did have teenie tiny gold shimmers.

Next are the warm-toned shadows that are matte. First is a highlighter, a light beige one. A dark brown, and another brown with red undertone. This one has to be my favorite. I’ve used it a couple of times, together with the cool-toned brown satin eyeshadow in the last 3s. I use these mainly for smoky eyes.

Then there are the warm-toned shadows. A light ivory which is a matte, a beige and a warm brown that’s both a satin finish.

And last but not the least, cool-toned brown satin, a matte brown and a cool-toned beige.

Now, I ultimately love, love, LOVE matte eyeshadows. Shimmery ones tend to overwhelm me. The colors are easy to blend, they go together really well. At least for me. Although the 3 other highlighters didn’t show up on the photo above, it’s a great highlighter. I use it on my browbone.

My everyday look always consists of smoky eyes, since it’s the easiest for me to do. And this has been my go-to palette for a few weeks now.

Bottomline, it’s a nice palette. Easy to use for any beginners who wants to try making smoky eye looks. I give it 4 out of 5 cookie points. -1 cookie point from the silver glitter flecks on the black eyeshadow. Could have been better.

I’ve got a few more products to try out, and I’ll write as soon as I can~!


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