So.. Life happened..

Hello. If anyone has visited my blog. Pretty sure no one has. I’ve abandoned this blog since ’15 I think? Life happened. I got a job. And so I haven’t been writing a lot lately. Every now and then I get the urge to do so but I’m just so exhausted by the end of the day that I can’t write much.

Right now tho I just wanna write whenever I can. So I won’t get rusty. Lol.

So guess what? I got sucked back into the fangirl hole. Damn it Sebastian Stan. He’s just so.. hot. How can he be so hot? That should be illegal. Ugh. I’ve downloaded a few of his movies. And I think I’ll binge watch Once Upon a Time just because he’s in it. Yeah, I’m superficial. I know right? 

I’m currently listening to Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez. Coz Seb is the Mad Hatter in Once Upon a Time. *wink wink* I’ll probably write a drabble inspired by that soon. I have a rough idea of what I want to write.

So that’s about it. Life update and stuff.

I’m out. Xo.


Tutorial: Easy Casual Makeup

I was fiddling with my makeup today and thought I should share my casual makeup look. This is good for an everyday one, or step it up a notch. Add some glam for a party look.

I’ll only show you how to do the eyes. For the rest of my face I applied foundation then set it with loose powder. Filled in my eyebrows. Did some contouring on the hollow of my cheeks, jawline and temple. Applied highlight on my brow bone, the bridge of my nose, above my cheekbones and on my cupid’s bow. A little bit of blush on my cheeks. You know, basic stuff.

As for the eyes, I started off with applying this beige shimmery eyeshadow on my lid. Not going past my crease. (I’m using L.A Colors Eyshadow by the way. Here’s my review on that.)


After that, I apply a slightly dark brown eyeshadow on the outer corner of my eye. Shaping it pointedly so it looks like cat eyes. I drag a little bit of it under my lower lash line but not all the way, stopping before my pupil. If that makes any sense.

Then I pick up some of this brown shimmery eyeshadow that’s close to the shade I applied on the outer corner of my eyes.

I use it to blend the two colors together. Like so.

After that, I put a little of this white shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corner of my eyes.

Applied some brown eyeliner on my waterline. Then eyeliner on my upper lash line, not too thick. It’s your choice to wing it or not, but I decided not to

Curled my lashes, and applied some mascara on both my upper lash and lower lash.

For the last finishing touch, I apply this lipstick from L.A. COLORS. Shade Pouty. (I did not a good job on my eyeliner oTL)

All done~!

I tried to use some fake lashes, but it didn’t go so well. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

Product Review: L.A. COLORS Eyeshadow

Yahoo ChibiNyan-tachi~!

Mom got me this pretty little thing, an eyeshadow palette from L.A. COLORS. This palette is called “Blushing Nudes” which explains all the neutral colors.

 So, it’s 12 eyeshadows in total.  6 are matte, and 6 are satin. They are grouped by 3s.

The first 3 are all satin, a black with some silver flecks of glitter. A gunmetal gray and a white shimmery eyeshadow. The black one sort of disappointed me, because the flecks of glitter didn’t get picked up by my eyeshadow brushes. I tried to use my finger, only a few did stick. But it did have teenie tiny gold shimmers.

Next are the warm-toned shadows that are matte. First is a highlighter, a light beige one. A dark brown, and another brown with red undertone. This one has to be my favorite. I’ve used it a couple of times, together with the cool-toned brown satin eyeshadow in the last 3s. I use these mainly for smoky eyes.

Then there are the warm-toned shadows. A light ivory which is a matte, a beige and a warm brown that’s both a satin finish.

And last but not the least, cool-toned brown satin, a matte brown and a cool-toned beige.

Now, I ultimately love, love, LOVE matte eyeshadows. Shimmery ones tend to overwhelm me. The colors are easy to blend, they go together really well. At least for me. Although the 3 other highlighters didn’t show up on the photo above, it’s a great highlighter. I use it on my browbone.

My everyday look always consists of smoky eyes, since it’s the easiest for me to do. And this has been my go-to palette for a few weeks now.

Bottomline, it’s a nice palette. Easy to use for any beginners who wants to try making smoky eye looks. I give it 4 out of 5 cookie points. -1 cookie point from the silver glitter flecks on the black eyeshadow. Could have been better.

I’ve got a few more products to try out, and I’ll write as soon as I can~!

Tokyo Ghoul Root A + a lot of feels

So.. I just finished watching the last episode. I was damn sure it was gonna hurt like shit. AND IT DID. Wow. I just.. can’t. In the manga, they didn’t even show Hide dying. I literally cried when they showed it in the anime. Because some stories can’t have happy endings now, can they? But I want to talk about that awesome animation. Like, damn son. Why couldn’t have they done that for the entire season? To be honest, some episodes had crappy animation. But the last one was so amazing I was in awe and sobbing into my pillow at the same time. The part where Kaneki was walking while carrying Hide, and the acoustic version of unravel was playing, GAAAH. It was good, only I thought it was a bit dragging. But it wasn’t so bad. I still sung to the lyrics.. and now it’s still playing in my head. Oshiete~ Oshiete yooo~ Fuck. It’ll be like this for a while. I have very conflicted feelings about this. Also, I love how a lot of things are left unexplained. It gives you more space to imagine how and what happened. Kind of like when you finish reading a book. Does it make sense? So, it didn’t really bother me. All those cut scenes, no lines. Oh and Nacchan (Kaneki’s voice actor) didn’t talk much in the last episode did he? The only thing he said was “Hide” and “Let’s go home.” That’s the only thing I can remember.. because the HideKane ship is strong on this one.

057Just.. give me a moment..

058Let’s go home guys..

Indeed, it’s very beautiful.

I am so damn broken to bits and pieces. And who says I need a boyfriend to feel this way? Ha..haha..ha..


Good news is, there’s probably going to be a season 3. Aside from that, there’s also an OVA that’s coming out. A prequel, Tokyo Ghoul Jack. I haven’t read the manga yet, but I will. Soon.

Right now, I’m still in a state of being in denial. I mean COME ON. We all thought Takizawa was dead, BUT HE’S ALIVE ISN’T HE? Let’s just hope Ishida-sensei turns him into a ghoul like Kaneki and Takizawa~ Ha..haha.. Right? Tell me you were thinking the same, please.

I’m looking forward to next month’s GuruRaji, that’s Tokyo Ghoul’s Web Radio. I wonder how Nacchan and Tosshi (Hide’s voice actor) are going to react about the last episode..

Anyway, I’m just going to try and sleep tonight..

Oshiete yo.. Damn feels.

This is what I’m feeling right now..

All of the gifs aren’t mine, credits to their respective owners.

Japan Home Centre & Saizen Haul + Artist Studio Brush~! ( ^ω^ )

Hello again ChibiNyan-tachi~

I did this sort of haul, and I’d like to share it with you lovely people~!

Okay, so the only reason why I went to Japan Home Centre is because I wanted to buy some tiny jars. For when I make some cosmetics and whatnot. I didn’t expect that I would find some immediately.

For P88 ($2) you get three tiny jars. Look at it! It’s so adorable~ And it’s black too.


And then I picked up a basket, for organizing my makeup. Because my tiny makeup bag can’t fit them all now (´;ω;`)

The last thing I got from Japan Home Centre is this vanity mirror. This was the only one left, and I thought it was perfect for my table.


I was searching for Daiso in Trinoma, but the salesperson from JHC said they didn’t have Daiso there, only Saizen (oops, my bad). Anyway, I quickly made a beeline to the cosmetics section~!

Currently, they have this promo when you buy 4 cosmetic products, you get 1 free! But sadly, this doesn’t include fake lashes (⊙︿⊙✿) The promo is until March 31st, so quickly go visit one of Daiso’s branches (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

I got me some highlighting powder, cheek blush, eyeshadow quad, and a nude lipstick. Also some fake lashes and of course, eyelash glue. As for the free item, I chose to get the automatic eyebrow pencil and it came with a brush.



I love the nude lipstick! It’s creamy, but it cracks with dry lips. You ought to prime it with some good ‘ol chapsticks (*´・v・) It’s a matte finish, but it looks fabulous with a clear lipgloss on top of it.


It’s nice that the eyelash glue is black, so there’s no need to go over the fake lashes with eyeliner.


So I got everything I needed, but then I got curious. See, there’s this stall in Landmark that sells cheap brushes. It’s called Artist Studio. Their brushes are cheap and amazing, I have one of their blending brush.

My friend told me that the last time they went to Landmark, the stall was no longer there. Their brushes were out of stock and wasn’t sure when it will be in stock again. That was way back in December.

Just to be sure, I visited the department store. Lo and behold, the stall was there!! Only, a lot of their brushes were out of stock (´;Д;`) The salesperson told me that they recently just restocked and their blending brushes, angled powder brushes, and angled flat top brushes quickly got sold out.

I wanted an angled brush for contouring.. Boohoo (´;ω;`) But anyway, I got this brush instead! It’s good for liquid foundation and concealer.


It costed me P79.95 ($2), and for that price, it’s crazy good! The bristles are nice and soft, but it’s also stiff so it’s good for applying my liquid foundation.

That’s it for my haul, I’ll probably post a look I’ll make with these goodies soon~!

DIY: Concealer~ (^∇^)

Hello ChibiNyan-tachi!! I’ll call you guys that from now on, ‘kay? Ohoho~

So, moving on~

I’m a bit tight on budget right now, and couldn’t afford to buy myself some concealer. And so, I had this crazy idea of making one on my own!

I did some research, and there were loads of guides on how to do it yourself. Thank you Google and YouTube~

The things I needed were: moisturizer, a powder that matches my skin color (or a little lighter), some scraping and mixing tool of some sort (in my case, toothpick), and a tiny jar.

I wasn’t so sure if Garnier Multi-Action Whitening Cream was a moisturizer.. But I use it as a moisturizer anyway.

I’ve had this tiny jar for about 3 years, it used to contain black loose glitter eyeshadow that I never bothered to use. Surprisingly, it was easy to clean.

Now on to the process of making my concealer~

First, I pour the moisturizer. Just a tiny bit.

Then scraped some of the powder into the jar.
And then mix it altogether. It’s as simple as that. There’s really no need for measurements here, coz ain’t nobody got time fo that!
It’s just a matter of mixing and finding the right shade and consistency. When I was happy with what I made, I put it inside the fridge for an hour to firm up.
And here is the finished product. I didn’t expect for it to turn out well. I’m feeling proud of myself. Ohoho~

Here’s what it looks like when I applied it on the back of my hand, partially blended and completely blended onto my skin. 

It smells nice too~ This was very fun to do! If you don’t have any concealer, I suggest you give this a try~!

Product Review: Nichido True Colors Liquid Foundation (True Natural)

Hello my lovelies~

It’s been weeks since I last posted that beauty-related product review, and now I’m back for another one. I’m sincerely hoping I could do more of these, since I’ve been doing a lot of studying and researching about skincare, makeup and whatnot.

Nichido True Colors with Sunscreen in True Natural (packaging) I picked up myself a liquid foundation from Nichido. This is my very first because to be honest, I don’t bother with using foundation. I only use this two-way cake foundation from Nichido, and I use it dry because I despise heavy makeup.

And recently I came to a conclusion that I really should try out using foundations, concealers and other fancy makeupy things. Although I don’t have my own concealer yet.

For P268 (roughly around $6) you get a 30ml bottle with a pump dispenser.

Nichido True Colors with Sunscreen in True Natural

So apparently, this liquid foundation should give me full coverage and has sunscreen. It’s very light on my skin, which I’m surprised. I used to apply BB Cream on my face, and those are so sticky and greasy and I hate it. This one is water based, and the texture of it is liquidy and not creamy. And it has sunscreen.

This doesn’t sit well with the dry skin on my nose and between my brows, I have horrible dry skin and I have to properly moisturize it with Nivea Cream before applying my foundation.

Despite being told that this should be a full coverage foundation, it didn’t cover my imperfections properly. Although it did blur out the redness of my face, it did not make it disappear. In my case, the only thing that could get rid of the red patches on my face is a color correcting concealer.

It tends to look cakey so be sure to blend it out well. Then set it with powder to give it a matte finish. I think this is a light to medium coverage, and it won’t really last the whole day.

It works great with Nichido’s Final Powder. I don’t know how I would rate this product, because I haven’t used any other liquid foundation aside from this one.

If you like, check out this video I made using Nichido’s True Colors Liquid Foundation in True Natural.