Product Review: Etude House Play 101 Pencil

This is my first post for 2015, let’s hope I stop being so lazy and try to update my blog more often. Ha. As if that’s going to happen. Anyway, let’s get right to it then shall we.

I tried to play with Etude House’s Play 101 Pencil last night, which my bro got me a couple of days ago. I picked #23, which is a deep red color. It would have been nice if they gave names for their product like other makeup brands. if I were to give this one a name, I’d call it.. Karma. Because it reminds me of Karma from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, which by the way, is very awesome. Bloodthirsty shounen, perfect for this blood red color. Anyway~

It’s actually good. The color payoff is amazing. I used it as an eyeliner, on my lid, and on my waterline. I tried it as a lip liner too, it’s a great base for my red lipstick.

Excuse my hideous looking face. I’ve got plenty of face demons I need to take care of. Ugh.

I didn’t exactly know how to play with it at first, it looked a bit.. Dull, with just the red as my eyeliner. So I added the black winged liner to make it look more fun. I used Nichido’s Liquid Eyeliner, if anyone’s wondering.

My only issue with it, is that it takes forever for it to dry. It creased a bit, nothing a little q-tip can’t fix. But when I swatched some at the store, and it was all dried up, I was rubbing it to see if it was going to come off. It didn’t budge much, which is a plus.

Overall, I like it and I’m considering to get the violet and blue ones. It’s P345, that’s around $8 I think.


Because lady luck seems to hate me..

Today has been an incredibly sucky day, and I can’t help but laugh anyway.

Not getting your paycheck, well, sucks. But hey, I have me some Psycho-Pass to watch when I get home (yes, I am now only watching it.. NO SPOILERS PLEASE).

So, I headed home early today because I know how rush hour can be such a bitch. But it was still traffic along España and it was freakin’ humid. I could feel my makeup melting and it’s an icky feeling, by the way.

Now for the fun part.

I’m gonna call them Manong and Kuya since they’re both a somewhat elderly and an adult guy.

Suddenly, Manong started shouting at Kuya. I first thought someone’s something got snatched. Because snatchers are everywhere during this time of year (huzzah for the yuletide season).

I heard Manong saying, Ba’t ka ba galaw ng galaw? Ayaw mo magpa-upo? Eh di bumaba ka. Ba’t ka sasakay ng jeep kung ayaw mo sa masikip.” And he was shoving him.

000This is how we were seated, I was near the entrance of the jeepney. So when Manong was shoving Kuya, I and the person sitting next to me were getting shoved as well.

And Kuya was just answering, “Malamang tao ako, gagalaw ako.” Lol. Such a troll. But actually, I understand Kuya.

Imagine sitting in a cramped jeepney, which seats aren’t even that soft, for hours. And you can’t even stretch your legs. It’s bound to give you butt and leg cramps, of course you’d squirm because you’re uncomfortable.

Now, I sort of understand Manong‘s sentiments as well. If I was having a bad day (like he was probably having today) and an annoying guy sitting beside me keeps squirming, I’d get irritated but not to the point of shouting and shoving the guy.

Just as this cheesy line goes (which I made up, by the way):

“Ang love, parang jeepney lang yan eh. Ba’t mo pa pag sisiksikan sarili mo sa masikip na jeepney eh kung masasaktan ka lang, at may susunod namang maluwag at tatanggapin ka.”


Anyway, so all was well. After a few mumbling here and there, suddenly..




Okay, this representation is not so good. But this itty-bitty spider was crawling up my thigh (thank heavens I decided to wear jeans instead of shorts). And as I was shoo-ing it away, it jumped to my arm and I was flailing my arm with poise (lol for that). Not so much movement when you’re inside a cramped jeepney.

On the outside I was like:



But inside I was a mix of:




And it disappeared.. I have no idea where it went though.. Probably living inside my bag now.

I wasn’t really that scared, the spider was a small, somewhat fuzzy one. The ones kids used to catch and put inside a matchbox.

But yeah, funny how lady luck seems to hate me. If you had fun reading this, my misfortunes, give it a like~!

Comment down below and share me your thoughts, how about sharing some of your not-so-lucky but funny experiences too?

First impressions: Bakumatsu Rock

Bakumatsu Rock

I started playing otome games a few weeks ago and Bakumatsu Rock is on my soon to play list, because I’m still hooked up with Brothers Conflict ~passion pink~ *cough* Fuuto *cough*

My intention was to play it before they released its pilot episode but I guess it can’t be helped *shrugs*

So anyway, my initial reaction was, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?

First of all, what the heck was that time period? I did not expect that at all.

Here’s the synopsis from myanimelist:

The story is set in the Bakumatsu era, at the end of the shoguns’ rule over Japan in the middle of the 19th century. The Tokugawa shogunate uses the brainwashing Heaven’s Songs by the top idols in Shinsengumi to subjugate the country and its people. In this Japan, writing or singing any songs besides the Heaven’s Songs is a capital offense. Sakamoto Ryouma and the other rockers rise up and change the world with rock ‘n’ roll for freedom and justice.

As I was watching it, my mind was all “what the fuck is this? what the fuck is that?” seriously.

Let’s talk about the seiyuus. As I have mentioned, I fell into the seiyuu fandom hole and now I can’t get out (lol).

Sakamoto Ryouma, the main character, is voiced by Taniyama Kishou. Fondly known as Kishow, vocalist of Granrodeo. He also voiced Himuro Tatsuya of Kuroko no Basket.

Takasugi Shinsaku is voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa, known as Ta_2 or Tattsun, vocalist of Oldcodex and Takao Kazunari’s seiyuu.

Katsura Kogorou’s seiyuu is Morikubo Showtaro, who recently got married, by the way. Solo artist for Lantis who also handles Granrodeo and Oldcodex. Also voiced Makishima Yuusuke of Yowamushi Pedal.

Hijikita Toshizou is voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki, seiyuu of Ugo-kun from Magi. I don’t know much about Morikawa-san so..

And lastly, Ono Kensho as Okita Souji! Kuroko Tetsuya’s seiyuu as well. Solo artist for Lantis like Sho-chan.

I noticed that they included seiyuus who were suitable for the theme “rock.” Mainly Kishow, Tattsun and Sho-chan. Kensho on the other hand, could use a little more tweaking. But his voice is pretty damn sexy as Okita Souji, I can’t deny that. It might take some time however, for me to get used to this because Kuroko is so demure and hearing him like this is asdfghjkl. I’m not so sure about Morikawa-san but I am looking forward to hearing him sing.

Kishow’s voice here is very well playful and his character is quite the happy-go lucky type. Then there’s Tattsun with his usual tsundere and always angry character. Reminds me of Kurosaki Ranmaru (Uta no Prince-sama). Honestly, I doubted that I would like Sho-chan’s character here because it was too moe for his voice. But he pulled it off and now I’m head over heels for the guy. I can sense that he’s the motherly-type in the group.

Can we just..? UGH

Seriously, too much skin bruh. Not that I’m complaining but.. what the hell? Is this how they’re really supposed to perform? (눈_눈)

Also, I thought the CG when they’re playing their instruments were kind of.. weird for me. It was like one of those Hatsune Miku thingy.. if you get what I mean. I don’t hate it, but I don’t like it either.

I did like the song they played. Kishow, Tattsun and Sho-chan’s voices blended well. Speaking of which, all three of them are in Uta no Prince-sama too! So think of it as Natsuki, Ranmaru and Reiji singing~ Ohoho~ (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Hmm, what else did I like.. Ah! The OP and ED songs. The OP song was performed by visual-kei band “vistlip” so that’s a plus. And the ED song was of course, performed by the five main character’s seiyuus.

In the end, I did like the first episode and I’d be looking forward to the next one and playing the actual game. If you’re a fan of any of these seiyuus, or at least you’ve played the game, I suggest you watch this series. Or if you simply like half-naked guys playing rock songs |ω・)و ̑̑༉

Gif set by haru-no-sekaii

My first anniversary on WordPress!

Yesterday, WordPress sent me a notification telling me that I have been blogging for a year now. Although of course, I haven’t been consistent with my postings.

Either way, I wanted to continue blogging again to celebrate!

Let me start by saying, I’M BACK BITCHEEEES!! (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ==== ┻━━┻

The gay swimming anime is back, and so am I! So let’s get this party started~ *whooop whoop*

I’ve been itching to blog about the past animes for last season, maybe I would. But I’m recently in the sports anime fandom ~(⁰▿⁰)~ Isn’t it ironic that I know rules about sports that I’d never ever do in real life? *nervous laughter*

So anyway~ I’ll try my best to post as often as I could (๑•͈ᴗ•͈) Let’s just hope I can..

Music Update: Uchusentai:NOIZ

Honestly, I was away from the fandom for a while (*cough*Kuroko no Basket*cough*). And so, I am psyched that Uchusentai:NOIZ is coming back to Manila for Best of Anime: Summer LIVE! this May 1st at Metrowalk Convention Center, Metrowalk Plaza, Pasig City. For more info about this, please visit Best of Anime’s Facebook page.

But before their long-awaited comeback, they did yet again another OPM cover song. This time it’s Liwanag sa Dilim originally sung by Rivermaya.

It was posted yesterday but it’s nearing 19,000 views already. And their first ever OPM cover, Narda, from a year ago is near 993,000 views!

I had difficulty understanding the first part of the song but when Angel-Taka sang the chorus, he sang it beautifully. I was in awe when I listened to it and a smile was plastered on my face. The riffs were awesome, the rhythm was amazing. I just can’t ugh lots of feels here.

NOIZ’s last performance here was last Bazooka Rocks II I believe. And I had the chance to attend Angel-Taka’s meet and greet last 20th of December (such a long time ago!)

051Also, they got featured in TV Patrol, a national news program! Watch it here! Isn’t it great? Japanese Rock finally spreading~ I have my own worries about it, but I’m genuinely happy that NOIZ is finally getting more recognition (*´・v・)

I’m guessing that they shot the scenes from the new PV from when Angel-Taka visited the Philippines after typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit the country. This band really cares for the Philippines which causes a little twinge in my heart.

So, will I be seeing you at May 1st? (๑>ᴗ<๑) Because I’ll definitely be there~

Food Adventure: MOMO

As promised, I shall be posting again. Ohoho~〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Yesterday we went to Eastwood City for a little photo shoot. But we couldn’t do it with empty stomachs! (・・。)ゞ

My friend was craving for Filipino cuisine so we looked around and ended up at MOMO. Funny enough, MOMO serves Italian cuisine but they had Filipino breakfast dishes.

MOMONow, I did a little bit of research. MOMO has a lot of bad reviews. Others said that they had bad experiences at this place regarding the food and the staff.

In our case however, it wasn’t like that at all. The staff was kind enough and I did enjoy the food.

Before serving the main dish, they served us complimentary toasted bread with cheese spread. I forgot to take a photo of it (」゜ロ゜)」

I ordered “Mrs.” Jones’s Spicy U.S Tapa. (her answer to the Mister…) and MoMo’s Own Frozen Iced Tea (by the way I got this here) I got the Lemon Lime one.

001My only issue here is that the proportion isn’t right. Or at least for me it isn’t. I’m more of a rice person so having both omelette and beef is too much and it has too little garlic rice. Although I liked the cherry tomatoes and salted egg on the side.

The Lemon Lime Frozen Iced Tea was good too~ ( ゚▽゚)/ It had this pandan leaf and it wasn’t that sour, rather it was sweet.

It is a bit pricey however. Their price ranges from 200 to 400 Php.

2014-04-05-19-50-35_decoThen they gave us sweets ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ~♥ I’d give it an 8 out of 10. It was good but it wasn’t that extraordinarily delicious.

MOMO can be found at Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City.

Have you tried MOMO yet~? Share your experience~!

I’m back bitches!

As the title suggests, I am back. I don’t know for how long, but hey! I’ll be posting some randomness again~

First off, I didn’t get to continue the KnB 30 Day Challenge. I’m sorry for that _:(´□`」 ∠):_ (I reeeeeaaaally just felt lazy).

I was doing some reading, both manga and books. As of the moment I’m reading Catching Fire. Please no spoilers, I haven’t watched the movie yet either. Then I just finished reading Noragami until its latest chapter (moaaar feed my hungry soul more Yato!)

Also, I started reading Kuroko no Basket. Since I got pretty impatient and the end of the 2nd season was nearing at the time and I just couldn’t let go yet (still haven’t recovered from the pain *hics*). I stopped at chapter 171, right before Fukuda Sōgō and Kaijou high’s match. I couldn’t take the pain I’ll be experiencing (I got spoiled because of my twin *hiss* oh well).

For anime, I watched Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. I know, I know~ I’m pretty outdated. “The season 2 for it already ended!” you say? I know! And I’m trying to catch up desperately ε=ε=ε=ε=┏(; ̄▽ ̄)┛Speaking of outdated anime.. I watched Kyoukai no Kanata too. “Why are you so outdated?!” you ask? It’s because I don’t like watching mainstream anime. Well there are some exceptions of course. I’m trying to catch up with Hunter X Hunter too, it’s gotten pretty interesting. I’ll probably write a mini-review for Noragami because.. feels.. yeah.

Ahh~ So many anime, so little time. I’m expecting a lot of good anime this year too! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

One last thing! Oldcodex released their album and I got to hear their new songs. I really want to write a review soon~

Now for the non-otaku related things that I do, there are nail arts~ You would know about my love for doing nail arts if you follow me on Instagram. I was thinking of posting some tutorials here. Sounds good? (。^‿^。) I’ve been doing some eye makeup more often, I guess I’ll do a tutorial for that too. But I’m ever-so-only average at doing it so don’t expect too much (´・ω・`)

I guess that’s about it for now. I’ll do my best to update soon (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ Ciao

(Please excuse my manner of sitting like a guy. Ohoho~)