Japan Home Centre & Saizen Haul + Artist Studio Brush~! ( ^ω^ )

Hello again ChibiNyan-tachi~

I did this sort of haul, and I’d like to share it with you lovely people~!

Okay, so the only reason why I went to Japan Home Centre is because I wanted to buy some tiny jars. For when I make some cosmetics and whatnot. I didn’t expect that I would find some immediately.

For P88 ($2) you get three tiny jars. Look at it! It’s so adorable~ And it’s black too.


And then I picked up a basket, for organizing my makeup. Because my tiny makeup bag can’t fit them all now (´;ω;`)

The last thing I got from Japan Home Centre is this vanity mirror. This was the only one left, and I thought it was perfect for my table.


I was searching for Daiso in Trinoma, but the salesperson from JHC said they didn’t have Daiso there, only Saizen (oops, my bad). Anyway, I quickly made a beeline to the cosmetics section~!

Currently, they have this promo when you buy 4 cosmetic products, you get 1 free! But sadly, this doesn’t include fake lashes (⊙︿⊙✿) The promo is until March 31st, so quickly go visit one of Daiso’s branches (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

I got me some highlighting powder, cheek blush, eyeshadow quad, and a nude lipstick. Also some fake lashes and of course, eyelash glue. As for the free item, I chose to get the automatic eyebrow pencil and it came with a brush.



I love the nude lipstick! It’s creamy, but it cracks with dry lips. You ought to prime it with some good ‘ol chapsticks (*´・v・) It’s a matte finish, but it looks fabulous with a clear lipgloss on top of it.


It’s nice that the eyelash glue is black, so there’s no need to go over the fake lashes with eyeliner.


So I got everything I needed, but then I got curious. See, there’s this stall in Landmark that sells cheap brushes. It’s called Artist Studio. Their brushes are cheap and amazing, I have one of their blending brush.

My friend told me that the last time they went to Landmark, the stall was no longer there. Their brushes were out of stock and wasn’t sure when it will be in stock again. That was way back in December.

Just to be sure, I visited the department store. Lo and behold, the stall was there!! Only, a lot of their brushes were out of stock (´;Д;`) The salesperson told me that they recently just restocked and their blending brushes, angled powder brushes, and angled flat top brushes quickly got sold out.

I wanted an angled brush for contouring.. Boohoo (´;ω;`) But anyway, I got this brush instead! It’s good for liquid foundation and concealer.


It costed me P79.95 ($2), and for that price, it’s crazy good! The bristles are nice and soft, but it’s also stiff so it’s good for applying my liquid foundation.

That’s it for my haul, I’ll probably post a look I’ll make with these goodies soon~!