Tokyo Ghoul Root A + a lot of feels

So.. I just finished watching the last episode. I was damn sure it was gonna hurt like shit. AND IT DID. Wow. I just.. can’t. In the manga, they didn’t even show Hide dying. I literally cried when they showed it in the anime. Because some stories can’t have happy endings now, can they? But I want to talk about that awesome animation. Like, damn son. Why couldn’t have they done that for the entire season? To be honest, some episodes had crappy animation. But the last one was so amazing I was in awe and sobbing into my pillow at the same time. The part where Kaneki was walking while carrying Hide, and the acoustic version of unravel was playing, GAAAH. It was good, only I thought it was a bit dragging. But it wasn’t so bad. I still sung to the lyrics.. and now it’s still playing in my head. Oshiete~ Oshiete yooo~ Fuck. It’ll be like this for a while. I have very conflicted feelings about this. Also, I love how a lot of things are left unexplained. It gives you more space to imagine how and what happened. Kind of like when you finish reading a book. Does it make sense? So, it didn’t really bother me. All those cut scenes, no lines. Oh and Nacchan (Kaneki’s voice actor) didn’t talk much in the last episode did he? The only thing he said was “Hide” and “Let’s go home.” That’s the only thing I can remember.. because the HideKane ship is strong on this one.

057Just.. give me a moment..

058Let’s go home guys..

Indeed, it’s very beautiful.

I am so damn broken to bits and pieces. And who says I need a boyfriend to feel this way? Ha..haha..ha..


Good news is, there’s probably going to be a season 3. Aside from that, there’s also an OVA that’s coming out. A prequel, Tokyo Ghoul Jack. I haven’t read the manga yet, but I will. Soon.

Right now, I’m still in a state of being in denial. I mean COME ON. We all thought Takizawa was dead, BUT HE’S ALIVE ISN’T HE? Let’s just hope Ishida-sensei turns him into a ghoul like Kaneki and Takizawa~ Ha..haha.. Right? Tell me you were thinking the same, please.

I’m looking forward to next month’s GuruRaji, that’s Tokyo Ghoul’s Web Radio. I wonder how Nacchan and Tosshi (Hide’s voice actor) are going to react about the last episode..

Anyway, I’m just going to try and sleep tonight..

Oshiete yo.. Damn feels.

This is what I’m feeling right now..

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