So.. Life happened..

Hello. If anyone has visited my blog. Pretty sure no one has. I’ve abandoned this blog since ’15 I think? Life happened. I got a job. And so I haven’t been writing a lot lately. Every now and then I get the urge to do so but I’m just so exhausted by the end of the day that I can’t write much.

Right now tho I just wanna write whenever I can. So I won’t get rusty. Lol.

So guess what? I got sucked back into the fangirl hole. Damn it Sebastian Stan. He’s just so.. hot. How can he be so hot? That should be illegal. Ugh. I’ve downloaded a few of his movies. And I think I’ll binge watch Once Upon a Time just because he’s in it. Yeah, I’m superficial. I know right? 

I’m currently listening to Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez. Coz Seb is the Mad Hatter in Once Upon a Time. *wink wink* I’ll probably write a drabble inspired by that soon. I have a rough idea of what I want to write.

So that’s about it. Life update and stuff.

I’m out. Xo.


Love Stage!!: What if…

Love Stage!!

BL Manga by Eiki Eiki and Taishi: Love Stage!! will be adapted into an anime series~!

Waring: This post will contain a lot of fangirl feels and yaoi feels. You have been warned~ Fufufu~

A few months ago, this news spread and I was surprised. Another yaoi anime for me fufufu~ ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

For those of you who don’t know about this manga’s story, it’s about an otaku boy who was mistaken to be a girl by a handsome actor. I suggest you guys read it~

And so~ I was chatting with my twin (not biologically but our souls are connected ʘ‿ʘ lol) and I thought.. what if Daigo was chosen to be Shougo’s seiyuu?


Again, if you don’t know about it, Shougo of CRUSHERZ from Love Stage!! is a real person. He’s actually Eiki Eiki’s little brother, and in real life his name is Daigo and he’s in a band called BREAKERZ.

Anyway~! Me and my twin flailed for a while. I mean, think about it! Daigo Daigo

as Shougo’s seiyuu..

Think of it this way, Daigo is actually attractive. His voice is smexy. And I think he’s bisexual (I dunno if this is real or not but it would be cool if it was~).

Now, imagine Shougo and Rei’s scenes. What if Daigo was Shougo’s seiyuu, and you’d hear him moaning ʘ‿ʘ

Here, I’ll leave you this gif of Daigo kissing Akihide (BREAKERZ’s guitarist). And I think Akihide would make a great Rei~ Fufufu~


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Lycaon: My new addiction~♥


Last night I was randomly checking some of Chobi’s (DIV) Twitter photos when I came across a photo of Chobi with Lycaon’s bassist, Hiyuu. I don’t know the other guy’s name but he’s from Velbet. I already knew about Lycaon from a friend, I love their song “薔薇~Rose~” (that’s the first song I heard from them). Lycaon’s members are: Yuuki(vo), Satoshi(gt), Hiyuu(ba), Rito(gt) and Ichirou(dr). I did look into Lycaon after hearing it and liked their music also their bassist. Apparently, their original bassist and drummer left Lycaon because of “musical differences”.


They’re pretty much insane (lol). I mean the music. Yuuki’s voice is amazing! It’s somewhat gentle, yet he can growl and scream too. Satoshi gets compared to Slash a lot (probably because of his hair and the hat.. oh and he uses those round sunglasses too). Rito, I can’t say much. He’s cute~ I guess (lol).  Rito’s definitely smexy. I mean look at that body! *drools*. As for their drummer hmm~ For the first time, I wasn’t that much thrilled with the drummer.  Usually I get excited over drummers (my examples would be Kai from the GazettE, Nao from Alice Nine and Satoshi from DIV).

HiyuuAnd here’s the person that kept me awake from 2am until 6am.  This smexy hot handsome perfect.. ugh.. person made my heart go *doki~ doki~♥* This is the second time I got attracted to a bassist (first would be Chobi). I saw that he had a Twitter account so I browsed some of his photos and this is what I found (actually there’s a lot more..) But I like this one~ I even made it into my phone’s wallpaper (I’m sorry Chobi *sniffs*). 

And so I went to YouTube and  checked if they had any cute comments or videos (just like DIV’s Dwangya backstage~). I did found one, you can watch it here.

I had no idea what it was, but Lycaon’s song was playing (forgive me, I don’t know which song it is. if any of you knows please comment it *begs*) and Hiyuu was there, like.. modeling? Well he was so attractive and just… ugh.. I can’t. My brain can’t process how perfect he is.

Anyway~ Long story short, music-wise, I love Lycaon (come on, with Yuuki’s voice? who wouldn’t love that). And I also love Hiyuu with all my heart. Ugh.

This is me just rambling and fangirling so forgive me if it takes your precious time.

PS, credits to Hiyuu’s Twitter for the photos.


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Forgetting.. is it a good thing? Or a bad thing..?

I went to my dad’s house yesterday and he went on and on about stories from when I was a kid.

Some are not good. Some were funny and interesting.

About the not so good stories.. I actually thought “it’s way in the past.. shouldn’t we just forget about it?” Although I did tell him that, and instead I said “let’s think about today and the future.”

And as I was on my way home (due to traffic I was forced to entertain myself lol) this thought randomly came out of nowhere. Is forgetting good or bad?

Here are some of my thoughts about it. For old people, it’s kind of natural for them to forget things right? (maybe because of old age or illness). For some, they would forget involuntarily (I have no idea how this happens, but it just does..) Like forgetting to bring something when you’re on your way to school or work. Or probably forgetting that it is somebody’s birthday. And in some cases, others would want to forget super embarrassing moments in their life (these are examples y’know, doesn’t mean it happened to me.. or anything lol) Like tripping in the worst way possible (let’s say you tripped in front of your crush) or you started dancing in public just because you were wearing your earphones and on a loud volume at that (it just so happen that I love the song so….)

How about certain people trying to forget good memories? (there are a lot of these guy and gals) Yes, good memories. But why? Wouldn’t we want to treasure them instead?

But think about it, good memories can sometimes be the most painful ones, no? (unless you’re a masochist go ahead lol) So they tend to just hide and lock it away in the back of their minds. And when the time comes, when it’s not painful anymore, they would look back and remember those jolly good ‘ol times.

So my conclusion to this thought: Forgetting is good and bad in its own ways. There will always be a reason for you to forget. One way or another.