Product Review: L.A. COLORS Eyeshadow

Yahoo ChibiNyan-tachi~!

Mom got me this pretty little thing, an eyeshadow palette from L.A. COLORS. This palette is called “Blushing Nudes” which explains all the neutral colors.

 So, it’s 12 eyeshadows in total.  6 are matte, and 6 are satin. They are grouped by 3s.

The first 3 are all satin, a black with some silver flecks of glitter. A gunmetal gray and a white shimmery eyeshadow. The black one sort of disappointed me, because the flecks of glitter didn’t get picked up by my eyeshadow brushes. I tried to use my finger, only a few did stick. But it did have teenie tiny gold shimmers.

Next are the warm-toned shadows that are matte. First is a highlighter, a light beige one. A dark brown, and another brown with red undertone. This one has to be my favorite. I’ve used it a couple of times, together with the cool-toned brown satin eyeshadow in the last 3s. I use these mainly for smoky eyes.

Then there are the warm-toned shadows. A light ivory which is a matte, a beige and a warm brown that’s both a satin finish.

And last but not the least, cool-toned brown satin, a matte brown and a cool-toned beige.

Now, I ultimately love, love, LOVE matte eyeshadows. Shimmery ones tend to overwhelm me. The colors are easy to blend, they go together really well. At least for me. Although the 3 other highlighters didn’t show up on the photo above, it’s a great highlighter. I use it on my browbone.

My everyday look always consists of smoky eyes, since it’s the easiest for me to do. And this has been my go-to palette for a few weeks now.

Bottomline, it’s a nice palette. Easy to use for any beginners who wants to try making smoky eye looks. I give it 4 out of 5 cookie points. -1 cookie point from the silver glitter flecks on the black eyeshadow. Could have been better.

I’ve got a few more products to try out, and I’ll write as soon as I can~!


Product Review: Nichido True Colors Liquid Foundation (True Natural)

Hello my lovelies~

It’s been weeks since I last posted that beauty-related product review, and now I’m back for another one. I’m sincerely hoping I could do more of these, since I’ve been doing a lot of studying and researching about skincare, makeup and whatnot.

Nichido True Colors with Sunscreen in True Natural (packaging) I picked up myself a liquid foundation from Nichido. This is my very first because to be honest, I don’t bother with using foundation. I only use this two-way cake foundation from Nichido, and I use it dry because I despise heavy makeup.

And recently I came to a conclusion that I really should try out using foundations, concealers and other fancy makeupy things. Although I don’t have my own concealer yet.

For P268 (roughly around $6) you get a 30ml bottle with a pump dispenser.

Nichido True Colors with Sunscreen in True Natural

So apparently, this liquid foundation should give me full coverage and has sunscreen. It’s very light on my skin, which I’m surprised. I used to apply BB Cream on my face, and those are so sticky and greasy and I hate it. This one is water based, and the texture of it is liquidy and not creamy. And it has sunscreen.

This doesn’t sit well with the dry skin on my nose and between my brows, I have horrible dry skin and I have to properly moisturize it with Nivea Cream before applying my foundation.

Despite being told that this should be a full coverage foundation, it didn’t cover my imperfections properly. Although it did blur out the redness of my face, it did not make it disappear. In my case, the only thing that could get rid of the red patches on my face is a color correcting concealer.

It tends to look cakey so be sure to blend it out well. Then set it with powder to give it a matte finish. I think this is a light to medium coverage, and it won’t really last the whole day.

It works great with Nichido’s Final Powder. I don’t know how I would rate this product, because I haven’t used any other liquid foundation aside from this one.

If you like, check out this video I made using Nichido’s True Colors Liquid Foundation in True Natural.

Lycaon:『Masochist Red Circus』

Seriously, lots of JRock bands are releasing new singles, mini albums and albums, it’s crazy! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ So I’m just going to update you guys~

2 days ago, shimizuyarecords’ official YouTube account uploaded a PV spot for Lycaon’s new PV “Psychedelic Jelly” which is their new song that comes with Lycaon’s new mini album to be released on the 4th of September. The album also includes 9 other songs and a PV.

Here’s the tracklist (which again, I copied from the videos’ description):

1 マゾヒストレッドサーカス
2 覚醒
3 Psychedelic Jelly
5 霊猫香とマゾヒスト
6 gossip
7 黒のダチュラ
10 雨音の輪舞曲

My first thought: “ASDFGHJKL;”

Not kidding. Yuuki and ZERO (Rito) is like almost naked ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) And they got the fans together for the PV (man I sure want to be a part of that~).

Aside from that, the music sounded good. It’s getting a bit techno-ish but the rock sound is still there which is cool. Still waiting for the full song~



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ギルガメッシュ (girugamesh)「INCOMPLETE」

On September 11th girugamesh will release their comeback single “INCOMPLETE”.

But yesterday, Danger Crue Records’ official YouTube account uploaded the full version of INCOMPLETE’s MV.

This is the tracklist for the single (which I copied from the video’s description):

2. Limit Break
3. takt

I personally think that INCOMPLETE is awesome and a great comeback song. I don’t get why there’s a lot of hate. I enjoy the song and besides, Niya’s using 7 strings now (from what I’ve heard) and it’s doing great. Whether it’s the old girugamesh or the new one, I’m able to support them.

And the song has a great meaning too, if you’ve read the lyrics.

“When you’re incomplete, say it now

The time you spend waiting becomes useless

Once it’s over, you can start again

Keep on living, no matter what”

“If you reach your limit, try giving up awhile

It’s not too late to run from it all now

Don’t just talk and make excuses

Live your life no matter what, right?

You can watch the PV with English subtitles here.

Now it’s a different story if it’s the live version of INCOMPLETE. I saw a video of their live last July 22nd (you can watch it hereand they played the new songs from the single. The others were amazing, but INCOMPLETE.. I think I like the record better. Well, I might be saying this too early. If there were more videos of live performances of this song I can love it just as much, I think.

Anyway, girugamesh is back and they made their fans happy (*´・v・) I can’t wait to hear the full album soon~



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Amnesia [review]


 First off, I am not amused with the ending (ಠ_ಠ)

I watched the first few episodes months ago, but I stopped because I got bored. For me, the progress of the story was a tad bit slow so I just switched to watching something else (t’was Kuroko no Basket.. if I remember it right).

Last night (or should I say around 2am.. lol) I had the urge to watch it again. And I did not like that ending at all ヽ(●-`Д´-)ノ

The animation was alright, but the plot was confusing. Although I think it’s meant to be that way. Mysterious and confusing.

The first two episodes shows a girl who lost her memories because a fairy “bumped” into her soul (was it soul..?). She doesn’t have a clear name in the anime but Wikipedia said her name was Heroine. So in those episodes, little by little they showed fragments of her memories.


 This is Orion, the fairy who bumped into Heroine’s soul~

The next episodes were crazy, definitely confusing (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Apparently, Heroine is jumping from one parallel word to another. In which each world she has a different lover. She would always end up in the date, August 1st without a fail.

Shin Shin

From episode 3 to 4, her lover was Shin. Each world she was in had different stories, same people but with different personalities. Take Waka-san as an example, in Shin’s world he’s happy-go-lucky but in Ikki-san’s world he’s strict.


 This is Waka-san, manager (?) of Meido no Hitsuji where Heroine and the rest works.

Episode 5 to 6 was Ikki.

Ikki Ikki

Also with her friends/workmates at Meido no Hitsuji. In one world Sawa was just her friend and in another she’s also her workmate. Or in Shin’s world, Toma and Ikki didn’t work there. Everything seemed different in each world.


(from left to right: Herone, Sawa, Mine)

And episodes 7 to 8 was with Kento.

Kento Kento

Kento, by the way, is the only person who knew about Heroine’s situation. That being able to jump into different worlds and her amnesia. Also, she introduced Orion to him, even tho he can’t see Orion. They were able to talk through Heroine.

Episodes 9 and 10 were with Toma.



It was quite different in Toma’s world. Because with Shin, Ikki and Kento, all of them were Heroine’s lover. But in this one Toma wasn’t her lover, instead he pretended to be one because he wanted to protect her from Ikki’s crazy fangirls. Which in the end, they ended up together because the Heroine in that world was really in love with Toma, and not with Ikki.



 Last two episodes were with Ukyo which finally explains this whole mumbo-jumbo parallel world traveling.

Ukyo is a dual-personality character (I’m quite fond of dual-personality characters *cough*Yogi*cough*Karneval*cough*) and his other personality is trying to kill Heroine while his original self is trying to protect her.

In the end she got her memory back but she will forget about Orion. AND SO THE CRAPPY ENDING WAS it was never shown which world she belonged to and who was her lover and what kind of memories did she have (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Not gonna spoil anymore and explain why she’s traveling worlds (*-`ω´- )人 If you want to know what happened, GO WATCH IT and be disappointed like me (lol).

Well I’m not completely disappointed  because the bishounens in this anime compensated for the crappy ending. Fufufu~

Then again, I guess it was meant to be that way. You know how you read books and completely imagine what you’re reading and the ending let’s you imagine further of what would have happened to the story, it’s kind of like that.

BUT it’s still in the back of my mind and keeps bothering me. “WHAT THE FUDGE DID JUST HAPPEN” that kind of thing (´・_・`)

Well that’s it~ I will just have to imagine how it could have ended better (or make a fanfic.. what do you guys think? lol)



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Hunter X Hunter: Episode 93 [first thoughts/recap]

I haven’t been updating much on my blog posts because I was too lazy sooo~.. yeah~ But I’ll do my best and post more (๑╹っ╹๑)

And so~! I’ve been watching Hunter X Hunter a lot and the latest episode made me go ROFL (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Since Chimera Arc is getting gruesome and dark.. this episode is pretty good, to balance everything out.

I’ll start with a backgrounder, as to what happened before this episode I’m about to discuss. So, Chairman Netero challenged Killua and Gon to fight two hunters (or was it assassins..?) to prove that they’re worthy to go back to NGL. They needed to get out of there after almost getting killed by Neferpitou, and Kite was taken by Pitou to be his “puppet”, kind of like a sparring partner just because no one can go against Pitou like Kite did during their battle. So he used his Nen to “fix” Kite and fight him again. And yes, Neferpitou is indeed a guy despite his image.

Morel and Knov, top hunters that accompanied Chariman Netero inside NGL, sent their disciples to fight against Killua and Gon with the same motive. To see if they’re worthy or strong enough to enter NGL. Knuckle is a softy.. which is why he helped Gon to improve a bit, although Gon lost to him. Knuckle’s nen made Gon unable to use nen for a month. As for Killua and Shoot, I think Killua gave up. And Bisuke made Killua promise that he’ll leave Gon’s side if he loses against Shoot.

Knuckle and Shoot went to NGL, Knuckle made a promise with Gon that he’ll get Kite back. After moping for a while, Gon recovered and wanted to train and become stronger so Kite won’t get disappointed. Killua swore that he’ll protect Gon for a month that he’s unable to use nen, and after that.. he’ll leave *sniffs*.

Inside NGL what happened was, the king was born and the queen died. But before she died, Colt (chimera ant soldier) did his best to keep her alive by announcing truce with Netero and getting help from him. And the queen gave birth to another hmm.. what do you call it? Another chimera ant I think. Colt swore to take care of that (I don’t know its gender yet lol).

The king invaded a city (was it a city..? I forgot) with Neferpitou and his two other servants and he found a “rare” human which is those humans that can use nen. The king then devoured that rare human.

Episode 93

Palm had a crush on Knov.. or did she only wanted to go to NGL with Netero and the rest (lol). She despises Knuckle and Shoot. Also, Gon made a promise to her that he will get Palm inside NGL by beating the two, if he doesn’t he will swallow a thousand needles.

Now off to episode 93~!

Since Gon lost, Palm made him go on a date with her

Episode 93

This is creepy.. but cute. Talk about lolicon (lol)

Episode 93

Gon agreed, which weirded out Killua (lol). He set up their date to be the next day after because he wants to train with Killua first.

And so, Killua asked Gon if he ever went to a date before which Gon unhesitatingly answered that he had before but mostly it was with Mito-san. That shocked Killua and asked again who else did he went on dates with.

Episode 93

Gon explained that boats with older ladies would come to Whale island and would only want younger guys so he would tour them around the island and the ladies would teach him “various” things. Which made Killua thought of Gon as a “grown up” *wink wink* Fufufu~

Episode 93

In exchange Gon asked Killua if he ever went to a date before and he defensively said no. He spent his life as an assassin and he was with Gon ever since he quit.

Episode 93

Which made him sad and thought like this *sniff*

Episode 93

Noooo! Don’t give in Killua *sobs*

Off to Gon and Palm’s date~!!

Killua said he will be at the gym all day but the truth is he followed Gon and Palm on their date because he wanted to protect Gon now that chimera ant soldiers were scattered in the city and Gon can’t use nen neither so it would be bad if they had an encounter with the soldiers.


Episode 93

Look at her!! She’s so kira kira and beautiful and ugh.

Episode 93

My reaction exactly Killua( ̄□ ̄;)

Episode 93

The two of them are lovey-dovey while Killua follows them. They went into a forest and Killua sensed a faint aura possibly from a chimera ant soldier. He hesitated to warn the two because Gon can’t use nen and Palm will flip out if he disturbs their date.

So Killua went by himself and there he encountered the soldier. I forgot his name.. but he’s that rabbit/bird soldier (lol).

Episode 93

The preview for the next episode said they’ll be having an adventure and Killua and Gon will go back to Whale Island (?) If so, I’m looking forward to that~!!

I thought of this episode as fun despite the fact that it will plunge into chaos and deaths soon after. Something to cheer us up before that happens I guess. What I’m really looking forward to is Feitan beating the crap out of that queen.

Anyway, let’s just wait and see for more. It will probably take a while for the juicy and exciting parts to come by (๑╹っ╹๑)

Hunter X Hunter


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Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge (First Impressions)

Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge

(ain’t this the cutest thing ever? (≧∇≦)/)

Two words: pure awesomeness (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

But before I flail over how cute Killua and Gon are, I shall one-by-one review this movie     ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

First off, I thought the animation was kind of.. weird. Some are not nicely done, or rough. But it’s just minor details so it was fine either way. The sounds of the movie was nice as well, sound effects were realistic (for me.. what do you think guys?) and those catchy tunes~! I mean the BGM from when they meet and do mischievous things (lol. you do know what I mean right?) I just can’t get enough of that~ ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ  Their seiyuus were awesome too! As always, they do a great job.

The plot was interesting, tho I thought of it as confusing at first. You know, the whole “why the heck is Uvo alive?!?!!” thing (lol). Then again, I just had to watch the whole thing to understand it of course. And the intro was cute too~! Having chibi versions of them explaining a short synopsis of the whole Hunter X Hunter story (until Yorknew city arc that is~).

I’m really happy to see the four of them complete again. It’s been a while right~? The last time they’ve been together was Yorknew City arc. With Chimera arc getting gruesome and all.. I thought it was nice seeing them like that (*´・v・)


This guy.. is somewhat eccentric (lol). His name is Omokage, the original 4th member of the Genei Ryoudan. The one that Hisoka fought to replace with. He’s creepy yet interesting. It’s what makes the movie amusing. He’s a sadist ain’t he~? Using the non-living or their fears… to hurt people. It was pretty saddening for me to see Kil like that ya’know (´;ω;`) But~ I somehow like Kil when he’s in “assassin” mode.. I don’t know. I think it’s cool.. (weird right? lol).

RetzAnother interesting character is Retz~!  She’s one suspicious character. I already thought she was a girl even though she was dressed up as a boy when she met Gon. I was amused when Kil got jealous over her being close with Gon. Seriously Kil? How selfish can you get? (lol) But Retz mean no harm. And just being manipulated by her eccentric brother.

It was cool seeing Kurapika’s backstory too. I don’t know much about Leorio and him so I thought it was interesting. I do know that Leorio lost his friend because of an illness so he wants to be a doctor. For Kurapika, he want revenge and get his clan’s eyes back. Seeing his backstory made me understand a whole lot more about him.

Also, I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU GENEI RYOUDAN (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Which side are you on? Really ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ) Well.. they aren’t heartless as I thought they are (technically they are heartless bastards but I admire them.. meh~). Even if they were just extras in the movie (lol) it was nice seeing them.

Speaking of which, Hisoka was there.. that one smexy bastard ლ(´ڡ`ლ) It’s been a while since I saw him, I mean in the anime.. He’s not in Chimera Arc so it’s a bit lonely~ (´・_・`) And Feitan~!! That guy ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) It will take a while to see him in Chimera Arc. I just cannot wait to see him kick some butt °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Oops, getting a bit sidetracked. Anyway~! I was happy with this movie. I know it’s all about the bonds of their friendship buuuut… NOTHING’S THE SAME FOR A FUJOSHI. Seriously (ーー;) I can’t help but get my imaginations go wild.

Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge

(I MEAN COME ON! Look at it!! aren’t they cute?)

There are lots of this throughout the movie. BUT this movie is about their friendship~!! ╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮

Moving on~

The last part showed bits of the Greed Island and Chimera arc. I’m guessing this storyline is before the Greed Island arc. Meaning, they haven’t met Bisuke yet~! And they aren’t as strong. She still had her ponytails~ Also, Kite was still there.

According to Wikipedia: A second film was announced following the first one’s debut. So far the only uncovered detail is that it will have some focus on Netero, the president of the Hunter Association.

With that in mind, I cannot wait for another awesome movie (⌒▽⌒)☆ I’ll rate this movie 9/10~! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge


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